#LDSConf Carole Stephens Talk

I am always touched beyond words when mental illness is openly discussed in a conference talk. This talk was particularly effective in distilling my own similar thoughts on the power of the atonement to heal…everything, including emotional illness.

I have been hospitalized four times in mental hospitals during my adult life.
The anguish tied to mental and emotional pain is almost incalculable. The Savior knows how to heal, help, and guide us to wellness.

He has been my best friend and partner in healing as I have manuevered the many highs and lows of the insanity superhighway.
I give Jesus Christ all of the glory for healing and helping my tortured brain.

Although I continue to suffer from depression, anxiety, and paranoia I still enjoy a quality of life that has eclipsed anything I believed was possible when I was diagnosed as a manic depressive at the tender age of 21.

The Saviors healing power and specific guidance to me regarding my nutrition and sleep needs and his continued counsel to simplify my life, limit social stressors, and ease into new situations have been the key to warding off mania and disabling depressive episodes.
I also credit the love of my husband and children for giving me the courage to not give up on life!


Jenny Hatch


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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