The Light Between Oceans a book/movie review by Jenny Hatch

I usually am revolted by 90% of the contemporary fiction I read, but this book blew my mind. I loved the story so much I read the book in one 24 hour marathon where I only slightly neglected my family…did Ben actually go to school that day?  Shhhhhh

Give it a read when you are feeling a little depressed and hopeless. I saw the movie the night it opened and was sad they felt the need to depict the various conceptions when the book was so delightfully and unexpectedly G rated.

In a world where fifty shades of gonnorhea is the hip and popular, how wonderful to read a love story about two married people that goes a couple decades past the wedding.

My big frustration with most romantic movies and books is that they generally end right when life gets interesting, which is after the wedding.

Reading this book will restore some faith in humanity. 

I am so glad Dreamworks made the movie, it was stunning storytelling.

I waited a couple weeks and then began reading the book on my Kindle again, slowly this time. I just read the part where Tom gets a visit from Hannah in prison and she asks him point blank if he killed her husband. 

So many twists and turns. You do not know how it will end and the compelling way the story is crafted makes it impossible to predict. It reads like a good mystery, but is so delightfully marriage friendly, you just can’t help cheering for Tom and Issy to make it.

I won’t tell how it ends but this book is a definite must read for anyone who loves good fiction.

Author interview

A second author interview

Book on Amazon

Michael Fassbender, who plays Tom, interview.

Alicia Vilkander who plays Isabel, interview.

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