Presidential Debate #1

For you elitist boobs out there in the ether high fiving each other about Hillary “winning” the first debate…reality check.

We don’t care, she is still the most corrupt, lying dirtbag to ever seek office in America.

No amount of media spin, manipulation of facts, or polished contact lens teleprompter delivery of poll tested, focused grouped talking points are going to sway this voter.

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I am all in for Trump.

Here is the full debate with the smug PBS folks bookending before and after.

For your viewing pleasure I have embedded Clinton Cash and the Clinton Chronicles documentaries below to remind my readers of the facts about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Jenny Hatch

PS Hillary, we are a Constitutional Representative Republic, NOT a Democracy.

One Response to “Presidential Debate #1”
  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Trump won all the polls on who won the debate

    Trump beat Crooked Hillary by a lot on those polls

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