He ran anyway… #TrumpTapes

In one weekend Trump has proven to the country that the Cult of Personality Political reality that has defined the eight years of Obama is now completely dead.

Individuals with a checkered past who may have damning videos that supposedly prove they are unfit can now happily and confidently run for office.

Trumpism IS American Exceptionalism because the media has NOT and WILL NOT be able to slay him.

Immoral democrats run for office knowing their sexual lust will never be exposed on CNN.

Trump knew that the media would expose all of his sexual boorish behavior during an Alinsky style October surprise and HE RAN ANYWAY!

I have often thought that if my life were made into a movie it would have to be x rated. Can anyone confidently claim to have lived a g rated life?

No, this doesn’t change anything for me.

I have been chuckling over Hillary getting the vapors though. More Here: Hillary Quotes. (Huge Profanity ALERT!)

I knew Trump was a womanizer when I endorsed him over a year ago.  

The 24 hours American News Media mostly cannot be bothered to talk about policy and issues.

They simply want to destroy any pol who does not belong to the establishment with complete personal destruction.

Guess what?

It is a new day in America, the media have been completely neutered.

Let Freedom Reign!

Jenny Hatch

Some thoughts from the Mercers…

A commenter at The Conservative Treehouse had this to say about the Trump Tapes: (I totally agree)

“One thing I learned in psychology class is that every positive personality trait has a negative flip side and vice versa. You can’t remove one without removing the other. Someone who will see the truth, say the truth, and fight against a system that has been in place for decades will HAVE to be someone with a blunt, aggressive personality. There are no “polite” people out there who are willing or able to do what this country needs. They would not have it in them.

Obama may be “polite” to our faces but he is ruining our country. I would much rather have the person who tells it like it is (even if it’s crude or blunt) and has the energy and desire to fight for us. We all know what we are getting with Trump; he is not two faced. If we wait for a polite, gentle person to come and fix our country, take control away from the globalists and give back personal power and abundance to its people, we will be waiting forever.

The full tape of Trump’s past comments seem to give his comments proper context and in it Trump says that no matter what, if the woman isn’t interested, then no means no and that’s it. Even if you are a rich guy. Therefore Trump wasn’t advocating forcing yourself on anybody. And he wasn’t trash talking just for the heck of it. He was explaining a point in a blunt manner. In my experience, guys tend to be more blunt with each other. Trump grew up in NYC and around construction guys. These people don’t hold back!”

His comment reminds me of what I wrote the day Mitt Romney gave his Trump Smackdown:

A Mormon Mommy Bloggger responds to Mitt Romney

Cue Gloria Allred waiting in the wings with seven of Trumps “victims”.



5 days later – Called it!

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