Debate – Rape victims are cheering tonight!

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The grim reaper is sharpening his blade.

Jenny Hatch

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Lame Cherry

“I honestly conclude in this, that the only fan Hillary Clinton had was that fly loaded with maggot eggs, and it was sensing Hamrod was an impending host in the sick old woman she is.

The fact in all of this, that the treacherous enemies of America did their worse and Donald Trump’s best won the day, and Hillary Clinton’s best is a dull tarnish compared to President Elect Donald Trump.”


“This is the guy who said: “I just had to do it”…”I just had to”, letting all those reasons out for the voters to see. Stunning, and genuinely authentic. Trump means this stuff, if you watch him say it, you can tell. Unlike most politicians, you can actually feel his emotion.”

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