Bill Clinton is a RAPIST, a roundup of VIDEOS, MEMES, and TWEETS #BillClintonisaRapist

I have been sexually assaulted at various times in my life.

Healing from these traumas has taken me to deaths door over and over again.

You might think that hearing the word “rape” over and over again during this election cycle would trigger me to overwhelming emotion.

I find that it is having the oppsite effect.

I have known Bill Clinton was a sexual predator for 25 years.

Observing him jetting around the world with underage girls was most upsetting.

Seeing him get away with it was the most awful part of this story.

I will continue to update this post with content as it shows up on the web.

It is stunning to me that the media believed they could hammer Trump on his womanizing without addressing Bill’s criminal sexual assault and Hillary’s indimidation of victims.

Jenny Hatch

Twitter – #BillClintonisaRapist

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