I love to see the Temple…Happenings

We have stake temple night tonight, so Paul and I are taking Andrew to the Fort Collins Temple to do an endowment session together.

We have not taken the time to attend together yet since he arrived home from his mission last month.

The drive to Denver is long and he has been busy finding work and getting settled into his new young adult ward.

Andy has also spent quite a bit of time with Ben, playing guitars, watching his soccer games, and working out at our local gym.

It has been joyful for me to watch them together.

I continue to struggle mightily with an infection that has plagued me since April.

Healing this eye disease has proven to be elusive.

Here is how it looked yesterday…

The continual weeping of debris from my eyes just keeps going and the tender skin around my eyelids will not completely heal, despite many priesthood blessings and a variety of treatments.

I am weary of it.

I went to a new doc last week to refill all of my breathing med prescriptions. Stopped by Walgreens last night to pick up scripts and the total out of pocket cost (with insurance mind you) was $800.00.

Affordable CARE act is not affordable and NOBODY seems to care.

On another note, I was able to go out Ubering every day last week!

Uber story of the day:

While working I drove a man to Boulder Community Hospital. He had been in a bike accident and needed to go to the Emergency Room.  

I have read that people have been using Uber Drivers as ambulances all over the country, but this is the first time it has happened to me. 

Apparently we are quicker to show up than the EMT’s and less expensive. 

His ride cost him $5.50

It was a surreal experience and left me wondering what sort of situations I may find myself in while driving in the coming weeks.

Here is a blast from the past…

Shelly Hatch and Mommy bake a cake for her third birthday. Seven months pregnant with Ally Hockstad!

This vid was from a Thanksgiving trip we took to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hatch when they lived in the St George Temple Presidents house in 91.

Such a fun day.

We did not own a video camera and so every time we visited them we made some home movies.

Shelly was such a darling toddler.

Feisty but cute…

I am hearing rumors on Twitter about a Pentatonix collaboration with Manhattan Transfer on the new Christmas Album.

My two favorite groups? Ecstasy!

Oh and this showed up and already has 38 million views. I think Ben had about fifty of them…

We are already enjoying Christmas Music at our house. I only wish we were singing in a choir. Our ward doesn’t even have a choir and it is sad not to be singing with a group.

Here is a vid from last Christmas. The professional performing group I directed had a gig at a state park museum.

So fun!

A rehearsal clip

I am so relieved that the Clinton Crime syndicate has been foiled. It has been such a relief to see those two degenerates stopped dead in their tracks.

My favorite Mom blogger, Michelle at Scenes from the Wild, created a political post yesterday that is probably a good barometer for how female mormondom is feeling today.

I just about choked when I read this paragraph

“I’m no fan of Hillary, but she doesn’t exhibit the volatility, the hate, the meanness of Trump. I felt like she would gather good people around her and be especially careful of staying within the law (since she’s had so many legal troubles).”

So I left a comment on her blog, actually, I left it on the Halloween post that was previous to this political post because she closed the comments on the political post.

“Sorta hard to talk politics when you turn the comments off.

Here is to another eight years of you not chiming in on this important topic.

Perhaps by then the truth about the Clintons will be common knowledge and posts like your recent political analysis will be laughed off the web as soon as you hit publish.

Give it a look. I laughed out loud at your claim of Hillarys lack of volatility.

Those who have worked closely with her for the past few decades would think differently. Whole books have been written on the topic…

Jenny Hatch

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I do not know if she will publish my thoughts, don’t really care, but with the Podesta emails coming out and the reddit kids exposing the Pedofilia side to the Clinton Foundation, the willful blindness of my mormon sisters is breathtaking.

I am so excited to see how quickly Trumps economic plan combined with a republican congress that has been spanked by the electorate can get the American Economy revved back to normal. It will be fun to watch.

Jenny Hatch

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