Donald John Trump – Tea Party President 

Tea Party Founding Mother Jenny Hatch

As a Founding Mother of the Tea Party I can speak with authority on the topic of Donald John Trump being our candidate.

I organized the Denver Constitution Tea Party in 2009 (AARat the state capitol and gave the opening speech at the first Denver Tea Party in February of 2009.

I put together this video from footage I filmed at the first Colorado Tea Party.

Denver Tax Day Tea Party 2016 photo taken by The Peoples Press Collective

I was upset how politicians and candidates were taking over the Colorado Tea Party so I partnered with a few like minded souls and we organized a few of our own events.

I was most pleased by how our Sept 12th, 2009 Constitution Tea Party went.

Jenny with my political vest

After that party I organized a few more events around the passage of Obamacare and created a ton of Citizen Journalism. Nobody ever paid me for this work.

I watched my work and my fellow activists libeled and slandered relentlessly in the media.

Shame. Shame on all of you for calling those of us demanding fiscal sanity racists.

My personal form of protest was to stand on the United Nations Flag at various events.

Just a few points:

Before President-elect Trump announced his candidacy I was impressed by two things. 

First that he had tweeted out his belief that there is a direct link between too many vaccines and autism and second that he had used his influence and prestige to compel Obama to release his fraudulent birth certificate, when no amount of shaming, law suits, and citizen petitioning could do it.

Both of these stances were principled and courageous postures that he has been relentlessly mocked for in the ensuing years.

So when he announced his candidacy I knew America was getting someone in the primary who fearlessly spoke the truth without being overly concerned about media blowback.

When he did announce his run for POTUS I had a spiritual witness from God that he was going to be the president of the USA and that I should do everything I could to help him win.

After he won the primary I spent more time praying for him and our nation than I have ever spent praying for anything in my entire life. I know all of our petitions to Heaven were heard. 

During the Primary the so called conservative media and all of the Tea Party Spokespersons in the media came out 100% for Ted Cruz.

I partnered with Libertarians for Trump. And then I loudly endorsed him on my blog.

Do I know WHY the Tea Party went so quiet these past few years?


The blowback on us reached epic proportions and I realized that I would be destroyed if I did not pull back a little from my political activism. 

I still participated in a bit of family health freedom activism (which is why I began this blog) and I helped a little with the Anti-Common Core activism until the ESSA was passed last year.

But mostly I prayed.

I know exactly how the Tea Party movement was co-opted in Colorado and I watched with horror as citizens lives were devastated by the Obama administration. 

When I was banned from Free Republic in 2011 for trying to tell the truth about Rupert Murdoch, I knew the country was in deep trouble regarding alternative media.

The past six months of the Trump campaign has further exposed the posers on Conservative Media.

I found my tribe at The Conservative Treehouse and agreed with just about every word Sundance typed since I found him.

He wrote these words today and it is why I decided to chime in with my second witness on my own blog.

“After our overwhelming victory in 2010, the GOPe/Wall Street created the plan outlined above in those two parts. Their financial expenditures, in combination with the Citizens United SCOTUS decision, meant common sense conservatives were outgunned and needed a way to work around their machinations.

The media made the name “Tea Party” seem like a toxic label, and many various elected TP officials joined the ranks of the establishment.

Enter, the Rebel Alliance with a new strategy. If we couldn’t defeat their numbers in the legislative branch, the grassroots needed to work around their blockade and put the emphasis on the top of the power pyramid, the executive branch.

The media hasn’t actually realized this yet, but in all of the important aspects that matter, Donald Trump is the Tea Party President.”

I first heard about The Last Refuge at Free Republic where one of the many hundreds of conservative trolls was denigrating it.  I figured if those posers hated it, I should go check it out.

I suppose we will not know until the final judgement exactly what went down behind the scenes of this election.

But I can plainly see that a rag tag bunch of conservative misfits rolled up their sleeves and quietly went to work.

Who voted for President-elect Trump?

We the People… the Tea Party.

Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch demonstrating in the Peoples Republic of Boulder

PS If you would like to read a well documented report on the co opting of the Tea Party by greedy money mongers, three months ago Paul H. Jossey at Politico wrote an excellent investigative report on…

How we killed the Tea Party

“The excesses of George W. Bush and Barack Obama created the “second” Tea Party—named after the 1773 anti-tax revolt incited by Boston colonials—in 2009, when CNBC’s Rick Santelli extolled the virtues of reining in runaway government and touched a raw nerve. The Tea Party critique of government—the way it has grown, concerned with itself and its vested interests, and benefits the governed as only an afterthought—has never been more cogent. At its best, the Tea Party sought a return to the nation’s philosophical roots of government of the people, by the people and for the people. In sad irony, the Tea Party was hijacked by those who mirrored its critique of government: bloated, inefficient and looking out only for themselves.”

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