Breitbart News: Phyllis Schlafly’s Final Victory

Phyllis Schlafly was my political mentor on every issue, but most especially on Healthcare and Education.

This excellent tribute showed up on Breitbart this morning and I loved reading it!


Jenny Hatch

“In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Donald J. Trump stunned political insiders, beltway prognosticators, and global elites when he emerged victorious as President-elect of the United States of America.

…In September, Donald Trump attended and spoke at Schlafly’s funeral mass. He was joined by his wife Melania, his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, his deputy campaign manager David Bossie, and his campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon. Perhaps symbolic of her patriotism and her undying love of country, Schlafly’s funeral mass concluded with attendees being led in singing “America the Beautiful.”

“In all of her battles, she never strayed from one guiding principle: she was for America, and it was always, always America first. People have forgotten that nowadays. For Phyllis, it was America first,” Trump said at Schlafly’s funeral. The President-elect went on to say:
She never wavered, never apologized, and never backed down in taking on the kingmakers. She never stopped fighting for the fundamental idea that the American people ought to have their needs come before anything or anyone else. She loved our country, she loved her family and she loved her God. Her legacy will live on every time some underdog, outmatched and outgunned, defies the odds, and delivers a win for the people. America has always been about the underdog, and always been about defying the odds. The idea that so-called “little people” or the “little-person” that she loved so much could beat the system– often times the rigged system… that the American grassroots is more powerful than all the world’s special interests put together– that’s the way Phyllis felt. She’s always felt that way. That’s the romance of America. That’s the story of the mother and the patriot that we honor here today… Phyllis, who is rejoined with her late husband Fred, is looking down on us right now and I’m sure she’s telling us to keep up the fight, no doubt. Phyllis we love you, we miss you and we will never ever let you down.”

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