Election blowback – or Leftists unhinged

The level of denial by President Obama is off the charts, quite remarkable.

Bwa ha ha ha

(f bomb alert)

Why shouldn’t this video or the countless others like it go viral?

Hillary beats husband Bill and terrorizes her staff


“Just as Hillary attempts to present her softer side to the nation’s electorate, political consultant Roger Stone has alleged that the Democrat front-runner is ‘prone to violent outbursts towards her husband and terrorizes her staff and Secret Service agents.’

Obamas final trip a “group therapy session”



“In a moment of deep shock and depression in Europe — the US was not supposed to elect Donald Trump — this visit has become a kind of group therapy by which European leaders will try to reassure themselves that the America we know won’t disappear,” Josef Joffe, a Stanford University scholar, told the Journal.”

This week has been one of the most glorious and happy of my life!

Let freedom ring!

Jenny Hatch

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