Andrew Picard/Boeckman and the VIP paedophile connection

It appears Great Britain is infested with the same plague that infects American Government.

Jenny Hatch

ps profanity alert on this reblogged post


INS News Agency Ltd...27/10/2015 *************** Picture by Kerry Davies *************** An Eton College student found with more than 2,000 indecent images of children had encouraged youngsters to strip for him on webcam, a court heard. Andrew Picard was aged 17 years at the time he is accused of making indecent photographs of children at the prestigious private school near Windsor, Berks. Dressed in a suit with a blue striped tie, Picard, now aged 18 years, entered no plea to 12 counts of child abuse. See copy INSpic

The recent disgusting case of paedophile Eton student Andrew ‘Picard’ Boeckman who took photos of children as young as two being raped and forced into acts of bestiality has caused outrage.

Despite being found guilty of producing and downloading 2,000 paedophile images he was allowed to walk free by sicko judge, Peter Ross, because he’d been ‘working through his issues’ with doctors.

scumbag Peter Ross

What a fucking joke.

Of course, many judges are paedophiles too and work in the secret courts where thousands of children are stolen each month by the state from innocent parents. These children often go missing and are not allowed to contact their families.

Are they being snatched and forced into appearing in child-rape videos?

In fact. have the police even traced the many hundreds of victims that Boeckman filmed being abused?

Who were they and how the fucking hell did he meet them all?

In yet…

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