#Pizzagate Coverup for those of you who are watching – MSM “Fake News” Freakout

I have researched Pizzagate about as much as any blogger on the web since first hearing about Spirit Cooking on December 4th, 2016.

I do not claim to know everything, but I do believe there is enough evidence to suggest that something evil is lurking behind the scenes of our government and the investigation should continue on.

The behavior of those individuals scrubbing social media, logos, and the frantic bellowing of the main stream media remind me of the behavior of a child molester whom I accused of assaulting me as a child when I finally remembered the crime as a 33 year old woman in 2001.

He pushed for and received a coverup.

He wanted the fruits of repentance without going through the process of repenting.

Those who are covering up Pizzagate want to appear clean and pure. As pure as the innocent children whose lives have been squashed by their demonic behavior.

They want to continue on without going through the steps of repentance, which begins with CONFESSION.

So, all of you covering this up, think seriously about what you are doing. God is watching, angels above us are silent notes taking, and an army of activists are quietly observing you attempt to shove this story back under the rug.

These are the facts:

#PizzaGate #CoverUp 
1. #BestaPizza changes their logo 

2. #RedditGate dismantles thread 

3. #CometPingPong owner deletes instagram photos 

4. #TwitterGate purges activists accounts 

5. #MSM release puff pieces about Comet Ping Pong 

6. #YouTube keeps videos from trending 

7. #FakeNews preemptive strike

8. You Tube deletes activist videos

This is going to be EXPOSED!

Jenny Hatch


The Media is attempting to debunk the efforts of citizen journalists by publishing a slew of stories this week that discredit and marginalize the efforts of thousands of researchers.

Here are a few links and videos:

Fox News


Market Watch

Business Insider


Note * You can be the judge over the irony of Brian Williams commenting about “Fake News”.



Real Clear Politics

Fox News

LA Times


I have been searching for the best Pizzagate articles on the web and three have been written by Bloggers.

Here are the links to all three of them.

DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 12/08

Pizzagate: Podesta pedo perps and Clinton’s international child sex trafficking ring exposed- Joachim Hagopian

I believe this final post was the best of the three. The comments on this blog are also particularly compelling and a fine example of the types of conversations that should be happening.

Pizzagate, Clinton, Podesta, What is it and is it credible?

A few activists on Twitter have been particularly focused on Pizzagate exposure. Serious investigators would do well to follow:

Brittany Pettibone

Mike Cernovich

David Seaman

This video asked many important questions.

I am taking a break from Pizzagate Citizen Journalism for the next few weeks while we enjoy the holidays and travel to California for my sons wedding.

Keep up the great work Citizen Journalists! We have to do this for the Children!

Jenny Hatch

Here are a few memes

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