Mike Thayer sets the mormon mommy blogging world on fire

Mike has generated a powerful dialog around this recent post. I decided to chime in, commenting several times.


That last line…ouch!
I have been blogging for ten years.
During the early years I tried to monitize my blog several times, but quickly realized that the few hours a week I devoted to writing would be swallowed up in logistics dealing with advertisers and trying to make them happy.
Being an independent blogger gives the Mom complete freedom to take a month off now and again to spend time on more important endeavors, like my sons wedding that just happened last week.
I am not enslaved by my need for traffic, nor

am I in hock to readers to keep upping the ante by over sharing.
My hubby is the provider at our house and as the years have clicked by I spend way more time writing about freedom, politics, education, religion, and health care than I do/did about my family.
That being said I am not going to point the finger of scorn at any family who is making a living blogging.
We all have to live and learn.
Blogging has brought a great deal of distress into my life, but I have no regrets about confronting the various entities who have worked for decades to enslave the human family.
I do not know that I will subscribe to you as I enjoy reading some of the very people you are critiquing.
There is so much ugliness on the web that I love seeing beautifully crafted posts that are filled with flowers, smiling babies, clean and well groomed doggies, and fit and beautiful people.
If those families are making bank and sharing the good things in their lives… who am I to question how they choose to spend their time and energy?
The worst thing is for a dedicated, opinionated mom blogger to go read her GOMI critiques and self censor or stop blogging to curb the hate.
If blogging has exposed female mormondom as the vapid, worldly, materialistic broads so devastatingly depicted in 2 Nephi 13 and Isaiah 3…well, here we are.
I believe those chapters claim that the Lord himself is going to cleanse the daughters of Zion of their worldliness.
How is he going to do it?
I suppose we will have to wait and see…


If the example he shared of fakery is happening day after day on certain blogs, eventually the truth will come out and that Mom will be exposed as a poser.
Will that mean she loses all advertisers and readers? Probably not. The whole world of television is based on fake people doing fake things and billions tunes in day after day.
Is the Mom who gets the coveted Kraft Mac n Cheese advertising account to be admired while the gal who writes and nabs the Macys ad is to be shunned as a faker?
I have had advertisers approach me many times and each time I had to ask, “what is

the goal?” “What am I trying to accomplish as a writer?” “Will allowing those ads on my blog cause me to self censor?”
When pharma reps contact me, I always chuckle to myself and wonder if they even bothered to read my content.
As stated above, we all have to live and let live. I buy my clothes at thrift stores and Walmart, so do not maneuver in the fashion world that some bloggers thrive in.
If those gals want to “appear” to be homemakers who cook with the kids, who cares?
At some level we are ALL faking it when we plaster a smile on our faces and scrub the dirt off our toddlers and put on clean clothes to go out shopping or to church.
I don’t want to be the one judging the facade. Only Father in Heaven gets to do that.
I do feel comfortable publicly calling out inconsistencies on certain Mommy Blogs when I notice them, but most of the time those comments are not published.
And I have run a full out assault on the biggest poser of them all, The Skeptical OB: https://jennyhatch.com/?s=Dr+Amy
Authenticity is to be admired and praised, but we all benefit from the world being made more beautiful by the lifestyle bloggers who write about homes, gardens, and yummy food that gladdens the heart and pleases the eye.
Here is one of my early video tutorials on cookie baking.
I did not bother to put pants on the four year old cutting out cookies sitting in his pullup on the table before taping.
It did not occur to me to do so.
And that is why I will probably never have half a million readers.


I don’t know Jen…
Dressing up for a baking photo shoot?
“I did a baking photoshoot with my son last year and was called out by a reader for baking whilst “dressed up” I told her of course I don’t bake like that and yes it was for the shoot.”
Sounds like lifestyle porn to me.
Guess your family won’t qualify for Celestial glory now because you dared to put some lipstick on before making your Christmas Cookies.
As I said above, there is nothing wrong with creating lovely and of good report photos and videos for our blogs.
I wish I had more artistry on my posts, but I invest most of my blogging time reading and commenting on current events and politics.
Please Mom Lifestyle Bloggers of Mormondom… keep up the great work!
Jenny Hatch


This reply is to Jay below who said:
“I still don’t believe you are quite getting what his point is. Yes, he was pretty blunt when talking about ”mommy bloggers”, but the point is the affect it has on the viewers”
I do get it and believe me, Heavenly Father gets it. He knew earth life would be defined by vast inequalities.
That is why the ten commandments have such specific directions regarding coveting other peoples houses, wives, servants etc…
This post by Mike is a good social experiment for the LDS people, and has likely lead to many healthy conversations.
Do we hate Mom bloggers because of their wealth, beauty, smarts, and/or homes? Or do we hate them because they compell us to realize and reconcile all of our own many deficiencies in those categories?
Who knows how much good is being done with the wealth being generated by Mormon Mommy Blogging?
Perhaps Mikes next article could point to the many charities, missionary work and other good things being done by Mom Bloggers.
I have been incredibly open about my struggles with mental illness and have had countless emails from Moms who told me that reading my story gave them hope.
Should I stop blogging now because a Mom overwhlemed with post partum depression looks at my life and doesn’t feel inspired by my success at healing my brain?
I think this post is more of an indictment on those of us who read blogs and feel inadequate and overwhelmed than it is to those who are actually doing the crafting of the posts.
Women were overwhelmed by their fellow Mothers way before the internet and blogging.
It is part of the human condition. And something we all need to be conscious of.
Jenny Hatch


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