Jeffrey and Alison Hatch Wedding

We saved every penny for the past few months to rent an RV to travel to California for Jeffs wedding!
We were planning to drive over the mountains of Colorado on I 70, but it was closed – blizzard at Vail pass.
So we drove south to New Mexico and drove I 40! 14 Hour trip the first day.
We gassed up in Flagstaff Arizona at the infamous Route 66 Highway. I have never been in this part of the country before.

Manhattan Transfer singing the classic song!

We cannot wait to be with all of our family in the Newport Beach Temple!

I baked three casseroles, put together a dozen burritos, a HUGE quinoa salad, and baked 8 dozen oatmeal cookies for our trip. 

Shelly baked three loaves of bread and banana muffins.
We are saving money and eating healthy!
I would have loved to fly and do hotels and restaurants, but I am prone to blood clots when I travel and have two serious lung diseases. I am also notoriously allergic to the chemicals in hotels.

The RV is proving to be a great decision!
Cannot wait to see the ocean!

Jeff wrote a song for Alison to sing at the reception called Baby we’re awake.

Here is a rehearsal of it in the hotel room the night before the wedding…

This song was written with some serious help from Bens amazing guitar teacher Jordan Sanders who graciously shared one of his epic chord progressions!

It rained hard on the morning of the wedding, but on the way to the Temple, the Sun came out!!!

Jeffs Wedding from Moms iphone-The Temple!

Baby we’re awake

Performed by Jeffrey Hatch for his new bride Alison Hatch at the wedding reception!

Jeff and Alison wedding reception from Moms i phone:

Jeffrey Hatch and Alison Hatch wedding dance from Moms i phone…

Heading to Cedar City!

More Video

Testimony about health…

Celebrating these two was the best way to end 2016 🎉Also the world obviously needed another Alison Hatch in it 🤗😏 congrats to my Jeffy and his beautiful bride!

Jeffrey and Alison Hatch

Jenny Hatch

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