#Pizzagate – Kill Room Found at Pegasus Museum owned by James Alefantis – ORIGINAL VIDEO


David created this video after Ryan deconstructed Pegasus Museum…


Ryans out by the way:


And Grace is doing her thing:



I watched Ryans explanation video last night claiming that James Alefantis had threatened to kill him and his whole family if he didn’t delete the Pegasus Video.

Published on Jan 5, 2017 

Then I watched his video connecting Pegasus Museum to the kill room Instagram Photo this morning.

This video was deleted shortly after being uploaded. The reason it was deleted can be found in the video titled “Pegasus Video Removed Because of Alefantis Threats”

Both videos are worthy of a look.

James Alefantis knows it is over.



A researcher on Facebook confirmed that Ryan made a police report.

He said:

“The author of the Pegasus Video has filed a report with Galveston Police. I went to Galveston’s website and entered the report #17000111 and is legit.”

 The documents are below:

Jenny Hatch

One Response to “#Pizzagate – Kill Room Found at Pegasus Museum owned by James Alefantis – ORIGINAL VIDEO”
  1. Did you search for Ryans police report yourself to confirm? When I just did that my browser on my phone crashed…


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