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I was contacted by someone tied to the Share Good campaign on You Tube and was informed that my cover of Families Can Be Together Forever was chosen to be a part of the Playlist they were putting together for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My daughter Shelly recorded me singing Families Can Be Together Forever ten years ago.  We stayed after church and recorded a couple of my favorite songs.


I don’t think that I have any sort of a great voice.  I have never had the time to properly develop it, hoping to change that in the years to come, but the thing that I have consistently heard from people who have heard me sing at church, funerals, plays, and concerts is that they often feel the Holy Spirit while I perform.

Jenny Hatch Musical Theatre Collage

With much fear and trembling I began posting videos of my singing online ten years ago.  Despite horrible health challenges that have made singing nearly impossible at times, I found that returning to my music time after time really helped me heal as I worked through some serious illness.

I few years ago I set up a list on Pinterest.

And a playlist on You Tube.

I started a Fandalism page a few years ago and it really upped my confidence to get feedback from fellow artists from around the world.

Now I am working diligently to prepare to audition for shows around the front range of Colorado.

I almost auditioned for a show here in Longmont this month, but felt that I was just not quite healthy enough to commit to an intense rehearsal and performance schedule.

It is frustrating to be healing so slowly, but I plan to be in a musical sooner than later.

I still run a vocal studio for beginning musical theatre students from my home in Longmont.  So give me a call if you are local and looking for a teacher.

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Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch As the Crazy Cat Bag Lady of SKID ROW  Little Shop of Horrors Promotions



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