Happy 25th Birthday Allison!

At Allisons birthday party the other night I told her how much of a leap of faith it was for her Daddy and I to have her.

After suffering from Post Partum Psychosis, we were not sure if we could manage another baby after dealing with such a debilitating emotional illness when Shelly was three months old.

Somehow we found the courage and were able to welcome our amazing daughter into our life 25 years ago!

I was a natural childbirth educator and was surprised that after 20 hours of labor, a c section birth was necessary because my little gymnast wanted to be born feet first.

This video depicts Allison meeting Jeff for the first time.

The were milk siblings, nursed in tandem until Ally was 4! They were the best of friends then and still have a joyful sibling relationship now.

Happiest of birthdays Ally! You are so beloved!


Happy 25th Birthday Allison! Love, Mama #SheMustHaveBeenABeautifulBaby #MamasSoLucky @allyhockstad

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