60 Minutes depicts Comet Pizza owner as a VICTIM – Cry me a freaking river – #Pizzagate #Pedogate ROUNDUP at @JennyHatch BLOG

When I watched the 60 Minutes Interview with James Alefantis a few words ran through my mind…






60 Minutes pulled out a tiny little violin to painstakingly paint Alefantis as a victim.

Megyn Kelly did the same thing a few months ago.

James claimed that the child whose hands were taped to the table at his restaurant is his GODCHILD.

OK James.

I will take you at your word.

Would you kindly produce the parents of your God Daughter?


Contact Information?

We the public are incredibly interested in talking to them. We would also like an update on how the little cherub is faring these days.

How old is she now?

How much time do you spend with this person who has been legally entrusted to your care in case something happens to her parents?

How did her parents react to your Instagram photo?

Were they laughing?



Do they still call you family?

If I had a chance to interview weepy James…these are the questions I would ask.

Scott Pelley seemed just a tad gullible as he interviewed Americas most famous pizza joint owner.

Jenny Hatch

Here is a roundup of my best Pedogate and Pizzagate reports from the past few weeks…

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