Bens You Tube Channel 

Ben took his music to the next level!

I am so proud of him!

Ben spent the week of Spring Break recording a few of his songs for his new You Tube channel!

My 14 year old 8th grader is officially at the year where he does not like to be talked about on my blog. So this will be my final Ben post for a while. Ben attended public school this past year and has had a wonderful time making friends, singing in the choir, and participating in all of the many activities that a young mormon male has access to.

He has continued to play Club Soccer and hopes to be on the High School soccer team in the fall.  He is also on track to begin early morning seminary in the fall.  He was just called to be the teachers president of his church class.

He has struggled academically while adjusting to a schedule, multiple teachers, classes, and common core sillyness. Our Colorado school district won the state race to the top money by implementing it first and Ben has all that nasty, toxic marxist gobbledygook installed on an ipad mini handed to him the first day of class.

Why would I as a top anti common core activist mother allow my childs brain to be sullied with such toxic teachings after so carefully shielding him from it for these many years?

He wanted to go.  His call. He is the master of his destiny.  And I am determined to support him no matter which educational path he heads down.

I opted him out of the PARCC and CMAS tests and also kept him home the week they taught the sex ed stuff.

The school conveniently put all of this junk in the same week, so it was easy to just stay home and skip it.

As a taxpayer I feel very comfortable using the portions of public education that fit well with our family lifestyle and values, and being extremely judicious about what parts we use.

It was an option for Ben to keep doing his core classes at home and just go to school for extra curricular activities and electives. But he wanted to experience the whole range of learning and time will tell if they are able to break through the thick shell of protection that we gave him.

My older children were able to matriculate without having their moral values clarified out of their souls.

I believe Ben will weather those storms well.

Ben meets Kevin from Pentatonix

Just about two years ago I recorded the musical epiphany he had around playing and singing with his guitar.

It has been so satisfying watching him sing, play, write, and grow in his talent and skill!

It was his idea to set up the You Tube channel.

I am thrilled to see him moving ahead largely self motivated. He worked with my friend Jordan doing a weekly Skype guitar lesson, but mostly he has just moved ahead on his own, with tons of praise from his parents and siblings.

As for math, I have told him that if he completes the Saxon Algebra book over the next two summers, we will buy him a car on his 16th birthday.

He has every intention of doing it and I hope sooner than later Trump and DeVos are able to dump common core and hand education back to the states and we can then begin the long hard slog to rooting it out of the schools.

Spring Break!

Shelly and Ben turned our living room into a recording studio!

Fast Car on Bens You Tube Channel

Man outside the ocean, written and performed by Ben Hatch in memory of Jacob Oveson.
Here are the lyrics to Bens song
Man Outside the Ocean
Benjamin Johnson Hatch
Sometimes I feel like a broken ocean

without the waves

pushing me forward.
Sometimes I feel like a broken man

without my mind

keeping me going.
Sometimes I feel like a grain of sand

at the beach

with a billion other men.
Sometimes I feel like a man outside the ocean.
Sometimes I feel like a broken man,

Without all my friends pushing me forward.
Man outside the Ocean
Like a Man outside the Ocean
Man outside the Ocean
I just can’t do this

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting kicked to the door.
Sometimes I feel like a Man outside the Ocean.
Sometimes I feel like a Man outside the Ocean.

Every couple of weeks Ben will come into my room to sing his latest song.

It has been so fun watching him develop his guitar and singing abilities.

Many, many times when we were home schooling he would request a music day and we studied music theory together and sang with the microphones.

I have long believed that Elementary aged children should spend most of their time playing, doing real math (Saxon), music, and simple chores.

Ben has a real desire to express himself through his songs.  When a dear family friend died, Ben wrote a song for him.

The lyrics are above.


Jenny Hatch

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