I finished writing my book Paradox! @JennyHatch #Paradox

This fictional account of a middle school aged girls response to her best friends untimely death was written for children and teens between the ages of 9 and 18.

In this book I explore the war between allopathic medicine and natural healing, mandatory vaccination law, assorted family responses to vaccine damage and death, and use Abigail as a positive example for teens stuck in the middle of the debate.

Here are the first two chapters of Paradox:

The story begins in California…

Chapter One 

Abigail slipped her hand under the pillow and felt for the wrinkled page from her Grandmother.

As she pulled out the package insert, she took a deep breath and started to read the symptoms titled Post Marketing Experience sent from her Gram.

Blood and lymphatic system disorders.

Respiratory, thoracic, and mediastinal disorders.

Gastrointestinal disorders.

General disorders and administration site conditions:

Asthenia, chills, death

As her eye scanned the symptoms and stopped on the word death, she exhaled and stood up.

Resolved to move ahead with her plans she finished packing her suitcase.

Her Mother had spent hours the night before warning her that she was going to die if she left California, but in her thirteen year old mind, she knew she was right.


She was the key.

As she packed her belongings into a small suitcase, she thought back to the last time she had been with Gram.


A Boulder Sky so blue she could not even imagine anything more beautiful.

The Flatirons shrouded by mist, floating in the sky above the valley like a castle of strength and protection.

She was kicking her bare feet in the cold of Boulder Creek while Grandma read to her the side effects from the HPV vaccine.

Friends immediately came to mind.

Susan who had the full round of shots when she was eleven, now completely bed ridden.

Mel, who had been the star soccer forward on her team, died quietly in her sleep of “unknown causes”. She had the shots the week before her death.

Samantha was still doing seemingly well even after getting the shots, but she had a personality change for the worst and no one could stand to be around her. It was like she was possessed or something.

None of her friends could stand to spend any time with her because she was so loopy.

Grandmother was safety, protection… SANITY.

“Not Me! Heck no, not me too”…

were the thoughts that rolled into her mind as she pulled on her socks.

“You do realize Abigail Adams Jones that we are going to miss your plane if you do not get into the car this minute!”

Mother yelled from the base of the stairs.

She glanced around her room, and noticed the perfectly dressed and stylishly coiffed US Girl doll Mit Mittredge holding court over her belongings.

Her Mother had decorated the whole room in a Mit style that was all pastel green, like a hospital from an old 60’ s soap opera. Ew!

She remembered how disappointed her Mother was when her obvious lack of enthusiasm spilled over into snark.

“Mom, the paint fumes and new carpet smell are giving me a headache, and you expect me to sleep in here?” “I was just trying to make you happy. You seemed to love the doll when I gave her to you on your eighth birthday. I thought you would appreciate a room decorated with all of the Mit décor.”

She tried to make the best of it, but in her twelve year old heart she was simply frustrated.



As she slowly closed the door to her room, she had a feeling of peace come over her heart.

She knew this was the right choice.

As the plane took off from the Oakland airport she thought back to the last year and all of the many things that had happened that brought her to this day.

Chapter Two 

“Mel? Melanie is dead?”

She screamed it out as a wall of numbing forgetfulness washed over her twelve year old mind.

The whole 7th grade soccer team had been on the bus singing at the top of their lungs.

They had just pulled off another spectacular win against a top rival and there was a lot of joy as they loudly sang the classic

“We Will, We Will, ROCK YOU” and then morphed into “We are the champions, my friend, and we’ll keep on fighting to the end”.

The game was tough. Mel had been sick all week and without her jamming on the ball in this key game, they were not certain they would be able to pull it off. But a last minute header by Courtney and the game ended with a 3 to 2 win over the top team in their league.

The girls had accidentally bruised Court’s face when they dog piled her after the game, but she was grinning as her cheek started to shine bright and red.

“Melanie? Shut up, will you all just shut up!”

yelled Abby as she held her phone closer to her ear.

Her friend Sue‘s voice pierced the din with,

“Yes, I am telling you, it just hit Facebook on her cousin Jens wall. Mel is DEAD.”

The words sank into her heart. Mel? Gone?

Courtney was holding an icepack against her face and noticed Abby’s stricken look.

“Abs? What’s wrong?” “It’s Mel.”

She frantically clicked over to her Facebook app, then slowly held the phone up over the seat.

Suddenly the bus went quiet.

Mellys gorgeous face was featured in a post that had just been loaded onto the web a few minutes before.

As the girls slowly calmed and noticed the horror that was on Abigail’s phone –

“My cousin Melanie died in her sleep about five minutes ago”

a few members of the team began to cry.

When Abby arrived back at the school it was obvious all of the parents were aware of what had happened.

The girls quietly exited the bus and located their rides.

Abby’s nanny Carla had been tasked with picking her and Courtney up from the school.

“Ab, I am so sorry. Are you OK?”

Carla asked as they pulled away from the school.

She did not say anything.

What could she say?

My best friend just died and you want me to talk about it?

I cannot even see because I am so blinded by my tears and you want me to talk?

The numbness fell just a tad heavier over her mind and she suddenly felt like she could talk.

“Does my Mom know?” “I don’t think so, it just happened. She is still on the train coming home to Pleasanton.” “Do you think our Moms will care if we go over to Mel’s house?”

Abby asked Court. Courtney said she didn’t think it would be a problem.

So Carla quickly drove over to Mel’s house.

As they pulled up the driveway where the girls had spent so many happy hours shooting hoops with Melanie and her older brothers, a few more cars pulled into the neighborhood. It was obvious the word was getting out… quickly.

Abigail jumped out of the car and ran over to the house.

She could see Jeffrey standing quietly in the living room looking out the window.

She knew that he had been waiting for her. As she burst into the house she threw herself into his arms and they both began to shake.

“Where is your Mom?”

Abby finally asked Jeff.

“She is upstairs talking to a policeman.”

He replied.

“What happened?”

She looked at him nervously, not really wanting to hear details, but knowing that it was important for her to hear.

“We are not quite sure. I mean she was ill all week and home in bed, you knew that, but when I arrived home from school I felt this sickly feeling and just knew something was wrong. I heard my Mom yelling as I walked in the door. She told me to call 911 because Mel wasn’t breathing. So I called and they arrived a few minutes later. I think she was already gone before they arrived but, Ug! There is my Dad.”

Abby looked out the window and could see Jeff and Mel’s Father storming across the yard. The look on his face caused her to suddenly fall, Jeff caught her as she fainted into his arms.

Click Paradox a novel by Jenny Hatch for Young Adult Readers Final for a free download of the manuscript for Paradox.

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