Justice for All, a new painting by Jon McNoughton

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If the great lawgivers of America could speak to us today what would they say? 

 Artist Jon McNaughton’s new masterwork “Justice For All” depicts Moses pointing to Heaven as over forty U.S. patriots speak to us on the the steps of the US Supreme Court Building.

 What is the source of the laws that uphold this great nation? 

From whence do they come? 

In this painting James Madison holds a rolled copy of the Bill of Rights and a black slave ascends the steps as the chains of slavery fall to the ground. 

Our country has endured trials and suffering, but is there truly justice in America today? 

Are the rights of all people treated equally under the law? 

All people, regardless of race or religion, should be treated the same. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and happiness, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. 

Is not justice expected to be blind?
What about the victims of crime, the fallen officers, the fallen soldiers? What about the black, white, brown, yellow, or red-skinned man or woman who is not given equal justice? 

What about the children–or the unborn children? 

What about those who are not given justice because the ugly head of political correctness chooses to ignore their rights to satisfy the shrill voice of the political minority?
There are many faces to identify and study in this painting. If the viewer will learn their stories, they can teach the great sacrifices of those who have made America great.

 I believe in America; I believe in God; and I believe in doing what is right.

Go buy one of Jons amazing paintings today!

Jenny Hatch

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