A Facebook Rant about Incrementalism and Vaccine Truth by Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane

Sherri smacked down the notion that RFK’s interview on Fox with Tucker Carlson was a good step towards the truth.

RFK. Jr.? Mercury?
From Sherri Kane —>>

Yes, RFK JR is doing a good thing talking about vaccines and it’s potential dangers on mainstream TV, in his quest to find a “safe” vaccine, but that is another controlled opposition protection racket.


There is no safe vaccine and there never will be! Get Real! So stop supporting safe vaccines and those that support safe vaccines. It is a fraud! These vaccine makers are psychopaths. 

You really expect serial killers to make safe vaccines? RFK Jr wants to get rid of the mercury (neglecting the other poisons) which is a good start but how many more babies need to die before all the so called anti-vaxxers are going to be Ok with this. You want to tread lightly around the land mines created by Big Pharma? 

Vaccine makers are responsible for so many babies deaths and illnesses, and you say let’s take it in baby steps? You have the equivalent to ISIS in Big Pharma, running the mainstream media and you are Ok with this? Sorry I don’t negotiate with terrorists and you should not either!

 It’s time to hold Big Pharma accountable and we can do that in numbers of protests not in complacency or acceptance of their BS fraud! The quickest way to be effective is to expose the vaccines makers and sponsors. And to inform people that there is no safe vaccines and there never will be! We have to stop the issue from the root, just like any other disease. 

They need prison time!
Speak it Sherri!

Jenny Hatch

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