RADIO SHOW Today to discuss the true history of The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) w/ Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane @JennyHatch Radio Show

It was on this Facebook thread that we decided to create this radio show:

Give the whole thread a read!

Dr. Leonard Horowitz attempted to warn Dr. Joseph Mercola about Barbara Loe Fischer and NVIC and this is the text of those emails. The original email is posted below in the comments.
“Hey, Joe.
I am so sorry that you have issued a promotion for NVIC and your personal endorsement for Barbara Loe Fisher.
Are you aware that Marge Grant actually initiated the NVIC, and Barbara stabbed her in the back as encouraged and guided by BigPharma lobby attorneys? They LITERALLY STOLE from Marge the contacts data base that began the NVIC. Then they administered a gross obfuscation effort of which you are obviously another victim. The National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 is a legacy to this criminal malfeasance. 
Although it may look like a “grassroots” organization on the surface, the NVIC is actually an “astroturf” organization set up, with Barbara’s full knowledge, to express the exclusive voice of vaccine risk awareness activists legislatively, and via the mainstream media, on behalf of “CONTROLLED OPPOSTION” FOR THE VACCINE INDUSTRY!
I know this personally because I was a co-sponsor of the first national conference the NVIC and Barbara held. I met and interviewed Marge Grant there, and watched Barbara rubbing shoulders with the BigPharma linked attorneys that Marge exposed. Any serious objections to vaccination risks were CENSORED BY BARBARA. I was not even allowed to get up and ask a question. Barbara made sure of this censorship and obfuscation.
So, frankly, your plug on behalf of the NVIC and Barabara grossly dishonors your reputation and great honest works.
Dr. Len Horowitz”
“Please don’t write me anymore as you are now banned and any further emails will be blocked by our firewall.”
Dr. Mercola was scheduled to speak at the NVIC’s 2009 conference.

The NVIC, led by Barbara Loe Fisher, is “pro-vaccine and pro-choice.” Most people believe, however, they oppose vaccinations. Not so. Ms. Fisher never admits vaccinations evolved to exclusively serve drug industrialists who advanced eugenics (i.e., racial hygiene), the NAZI party, and todays biotechnologies for population control using blood contaminations from disease injections. Fisher heralds her accomplishments and alliances with congress, regulatory agencies, industry officials, and the leading role the NVIC plays in “consumer activism.” She NEVER apologizes for her role in advancing the primary legislation that has left millions of people sick and financially destitute (the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986) nor her roll in “controlled opposition” furthering the “Big Lie”–that vaccines are “generally good” but some pose problems.
The NVIC was founded in 1982 by petrochemical/banking industrialists subverting the purely grassroots Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT). From there the NVIC’s evolution was based on massive pure propaganda administered principally by current President, Barbara Loe Fisher.
To gain control over DPT, Fisher, allied with vaccine industry lobby-linked attorney Jeffrey Schwartz. They stole the contacts of parents of vaccine-injured children generated by Marge Grant, a mother of a DPT vaccine-injured child who appeared on the Phil Donohue Show. Fisher and Schwartz ousted Grant to form the NVIC that has, ever since, commandeered near exclusive mainstream media coverage of the public’s opposition to vaccinations using the “Big Lie”–that vaccines are generally good. Thus, from the NVIC’s conception, the Rockefeller banking and petrochemical cartel has enabled it as “controlled oppostion” to advance world vaccination programs. Murder by injection is the “sacred cow” of “public health”–the “Big Lie” commanding genocidal depopulation and promoting profitable wars against germs and humanity in general.

Jenny Hatch

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