Mark Taylor’s prophecy about President Donald John Trump – a gentle message to my evangelical brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ 

An amazing prophecy about President Trump! 

I felt a witness of truth from the Holy Spirit as I watched Mark read his prophecy.
I believe the message of unity Mark talked about is for the evangelical community to stop teaching their children to hate Mormons.

 As he talked, I was reminded of many instances over my life when my brothers and sisters in Christ trashed me to my face and behind my back for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
The amount of time and level of hate generated for my fellow saints by evangelicals in the christian community is a blight on our nation and I am calling on everyone reading this to accept Marks prophecy on unity as being far bigger than the current infighting between a few denominations to include all of us who teach and strive to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.
If you are balking at my words, look in the mirror. Maybe YOU are part of the problem.
Jenny Hatch

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