Temple Trip

Jeff and Andy had some family names, so we went to the Fort Collins Temple yesterday to do an endowment session.

I love to see the Temple!

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Everyone was so solicitous of my health. I have to use an oxygen concentrator when I am in a tightly enclosed space with lots of people.

So my little gadget goes with me to work, car rides, the grocery store, and to church.

I used to have panic and anxiety doing temple work, but not anymore.

It is such a joy to relax and enjoy the session rather than counting down the seconds until I could bolt from the room.

I used to believe I was “just” mentally ill when I had these reactions and felt so agitated in the Temple.  But I know now that hypoxia complicated by asthma has been with me since childhood and it is such a relief to have a solution!

We stopped for Burgers at Good Times!

I love my kids!

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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