A Jenny Hatch Video interview with author Aaron Titus and the Kickstarter link for his book, How to Prepare for EVERYTHING!

I met Aaron Titus at church when we moved to longmont and when he came over the other night for Pauls 11 year old scout troop with his son, we spent about an hour talking about preparedness and his new book.  I shared with him all of my digital books on Family Birth and my belief that we were going to have a disruption at some point that would compel couples to give birth alone and out of the hospital.

I am very excited to read his book, which will be coming out in a few weeks.

The text and images below are borrowed from Aarons Kickstarter, which is located HERE and will end May 31st 2017.

Jenny Hatch

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Aaron Titus author of How to Prepare for Everything

Preparing for a few disruptions will prepare you for any disaster. Prepare for disruptions. Prepare together. Prepare for EVERYTHING.

Hi! I’m Aaron Titus, and I’m publishing a book called
How to Prepare for Everything: Empowering You to Face Disruption with Your Community and to Feel Good About the Future*
* This book does not contain doomsday scenarios, zombies, or nightmarish predictions. Proceed with happiness and a sense of hope.
There are an endless number of disasters to worry about. Preparing for every possible disaster leaves you with a long, disorganized list of things to buy or do, which may not match personal needs. Preparation can seem unattainable. We check off the first few items from our list, give up, and hope the zombies eat us first.

It’s time to start preparing with one simple change: Prepare for disruptions, not disasters. It doesn’t matter whether a power outage was caused by a flood, backhoe, or grandma backing into a pole. Just prepare for the power outage! Preparing for a few disruptions will prepare you for any disaster. You really can prepare for everything.

We prepare better when we prepare together. How to Prepare for Everything gives you a simple, step-by-step approach to prepare yourself and your neighbors for emergencies, accidents, adventures, and life’s ups and downs.

This book will give you:
More hope for the future.

A personalized preparation plan, gap analysis, and 72-hour kit plan.

A healthy way to talk about preparation, without fear.

Stronger relationships and a list of people in your support system.

Plans to not just survive, but to help your neighbors.

Training to share a community preparation workshop.

Prepare for disruptions.
Prepare together.
Prepare for everything.


The $5,000 will offset my publishing costs to Friesen Press. I’ve had to pay them for layout services, cover design, copy editing, and other publishing services.
If I receive more than $5,000, then I will use that money to purchase books to sell, and if I get a ton extra, I will use that money to build out the website, howtoprepare.com. I’m incredibly excited about this site. It will empower people to share ideas with each other based upon the methods in the book.


Listen to How to Prepare to Everything previews! I will post new audio excerpts in the “Updates” section on a regular basis. (Click on the links below and scroll down to listen to the excerpts)
Doomsday Speak and FUD:

We should not fear our Neighbors:

Risks and challenges
How to Prepare for Everything takes a completely fresh approach to addressing preparation. It contains no list of suggestions; no doomsday scenarios, zombies, or nightmarish predictions. Preparing with “happiness and a sense of hope” is empowering, but does not fit the established preparation narrative.

I am a disaster relief professional and volunteer. I have participated in several dozen disaster relief operations across the world. This gives me unique perspective into how communities respond, recover, and prepare. Communities really do prepare better when they prepare together.

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