Kekistan explained 🐸 What is Kekistan? The Internet’s Most Controversial Political Meme Explained @JennyHatch

Reporting from Heat Street:

“…Kekistan is at its core a politically incorrect reaction to the suppression of free speech. The enemies of Kekistan are social justice warriors and proponents of political correctness—oppressors of the Kekistani people, in other words.
Like any other dispossessed group of people, Kekistanis will fight back—but they’ll do it through memes.”

I have said before that if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a Meme is worth a novel, the musical created from the novel, and the movie created from the musical all rolled into one.

The article at Heat Street does a great job explaining a difficult term.

I liked what Jordan Peterson had to say about it.

Give him a listen.

Jenny Hatch


The great meme wars explained through pop culture:

Andrew Breitbart taught that political correctness was in fact CULTURAL MARXISM.

Here he is discussing the term:

(Shhhhhhhh, this is why “they” killed Breitbart…)

Aren’t you getting hungry?

Are you in the mood to eat some red pills?


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