The Obama #Pizzagate connection #Pedogate @JennyHatch

Here are the graphics from the video.

Jenny Hatch

At the end of the video I shared my testimonial of healing from a violent  gang rape when I was three years old.

These photos were selfies that I took during the months of healing from that assault.

You may ask how it is possible for my body to hold on to an infection for 45 years? I have no idea. But as I have healed from the many assaults I suffered from during my childhood I would break out in hives from head to toe. Random bruises would appear and the many physical and emotional symptoms ravaged my soul as I reconciled each incident.

During my healing, my son Ben prayed and asked Heavenly Father to let him help me heal.

He literally asked to carry the illness for me.

He was ill for months with a full body rash when my face was a festering mess.

During the months of healing I wondered if we had been chemically poisoned by Clinton operatives. I told a few friends that I suspected the Clinton machine had kicked in and killed my dog Sam and poisoned Ben and I for my past political activism against the left.

It is difficult for me to make these claims because I do NOT have any proof and I WAS healing from the rape that happened when I was sold to three strangers for an hours access to my body for a thousand dollars.

A family friend had access to me for a night and he was asked by these three men if they could have me for an hour.

He said yes.

So, as I was healing from this horrifying assault, the Pizzagate story broke.

And I decided to dive in head first and start blogging about it. I stayed home for months, so I had plenty of time to research and blog. Here is a listing of my blog reports.

I still highly suspect that Ben and I were poisoned because Hillary Clinton considered me and my blog  a threat to her candidacy. 

But I am open to the idea that the disease we suffered from was just healing from an old trauma.

Here are some beloved photos of my dog Sam who died unexpectedly in 2015. I believe the Clinton goons poisoned Sam. It is what they do.

He died suddenly after puking up this foamy brown goop for a couple days. 

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