Amani Birth Educator

I am really pleased to share the good news that after taking a 20 year break from being a certified childbirth educator, this month I am starting down the path to become an Amani teacher!

I first met Aisha online when I read her husband Mohammeds version of Amani’s birth story.

I asked the Al Hajjars to be on my radio show and they were willing to phone in from Saudi Arabia and share the beautiful story of Aisha’s 8th birth, which was at home unassisted by any professionals.

We had so much in common as home schooling parents who also worked as Bradley Certified Childbirth Educators.

When Aisha taught her series of workshops in the states a few years ago the whole family stayed with us for a couple days and I was able to meet her amazing children and Mohammed in person.

I had talked to her about the possibility of teaching her method even though I am a Mormon and her curriculum is decidedly Muslim. She told me there was no religious requirement for me to convert in order to teach, and so I read her book and have thought about the logistics of where and when to take the training for the past few years.

Aisha joined my Essential Oils group and so we had some contact around getting oils shipped to the Middle East and I am on her email list.

When I saw that she was coming to Denver I knew it was time to get serious about recertifying as a teacher.

I had thought about teaching the Bradley Method again, but this class designed by Aisha is a better fit for me personally.

I will be sharing more in the coming weeks.

For now I am re-reading her excellent book and preparing to attend the training at the end of the month.

I am excited to teach in my home again!

Jenny Hatch

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