My comments on Charity’s Birth Story at Dripping With Passion

A mom posts her birth story and a bevy of anonymous trolls show up to DUMP on her. The only way to deal with this phenomenon is to CONFRONT IT!

Charity shared the amazing birth story of her first baby and was immediately dumped on by a bevy of nasty anti natural childbirth paid agitators and trolls.

Here is how I responded to them:

Sad to see all the anonymous hate comments. 

You should know Charity that there is an army of commenting trolls working the web paid by pharma, dumping on moms who want and desire natural births.

I have been dueling them for many years.

Bless you and your little family.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

The queen of all that negativity is Dr. Amy and the 33 guys who play her on the web.

Please ignore them…

I confront her occasionally, like when she recently published her book Push Back:

But mostly it is good to ignore.

Based on what was typed above, I can 100% assure you those comments were paid agitators

Jenny Hatch

Somebody named Pol responded with:

“Oh come on Jenny – it is possible for people to have contrary opinions without them being “paid agitators” – says Pol, who was raised on my mother’s tales of delivering hundreds of babies in their own homes when she was a district midwife in the 60’s.”

And I said in response to her:


But I would like to see a name, photograph, and just to be sure, a picture of the many children and grandchildren of Anonymous above who claims to be a mormon.

She could also share the name of her home ward and Bishop for verification of her “mormon” identity.

I loathe those who spew hate at new Moms anonymously.

If you do not have the courage to attach your name to your opinions, the internet does not need your voice.

And yes. There is an ARMY of paid agitators who use social media, blogs, and comment sections/chat rooms to further Medical Slavery.”

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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