My comment at the Federalist regarding Taxpayer Funding of the Arts

This ARTICLE at the Federalist questioned Taxpayer funding of the arts.

Here is my comment:

“I am involved in theatre and I really believe that it is the lifestyle of the professional actor that mostly contributes to conservatives not participating as much as liberals. 

Little Shop of Horrors CVCT 2014

It is nearly impossible for those who want to have a large family to perform eight shows a week and constantly be auditioning and traveling around the country as an equity performer. 

Pippin 1987 at the Playmill Theatre

I took a 25 year break to raise our five children and recently have joined a local company. 

Neil Simon Players 2015

Some of my liberal sister actors have given up family life and had many, many abortions to enable them to live this demanding lifestyle and that is a travesty. 

Neil Simon Players Christmas Show 2015

So many friends naturally evolved into gay partnerships because they understood no babies would ever show up to ruin their contracts.

The young actors running the local company I joined are all about “non profit”, “tax payer funded”, begging the local city government for money, almost at the expense of putting that energy into creating a great show. 

To me they seem to not be aware that a for profit company is even possible. I even get the feeling that they believe it is shameful to be an artist and talk about profits.

Mrs. Luce Little Shop of Horrors CVCT 2014

I would like to see a new model for professional theatre and opera evolve that is focused on the well being of the actors. 

Perhaps performing only four shows a week, higher pay for performers, and a more family friendly atmosphere with a thick overlay of traditional values backed up by a free market financial plan.

Neil Simon Players Performing at the Cedar City Farmers Market

Instead of a layer of Infrastructure tied to writing grant proposals, the focus would be on the art itself, rather than the constant fund raising.”

in Jubilo Concert Soloist 2012

Performing the Mary Poppins Solo – in Jubilo 2012

Jenny in NYC Costume – Annie, the Musical CVCT 2013

Little Shop of Horrors CVCT 2014 Zombified for the curtain call

Jenny and Jeff in Hooverville Costumes

In the Greenroom before the show

Jenny and Jeff Hatch closing night of Annie in New Deal Costumes February 2nd, 2013 (My 45th Birthday!)

Crazy cat bag lady in Little Shop – I love any show where I can have Birkenstocks on my middle aged feet!

Mrs. Luce with James Harris as Seymour

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