Mormon girl comes out as a Lesbian to her ward family @JennyHatch 

My personal feeling is that they should have let her finish bearing her testimony.

Once a month in LDS congregations we have testimony meeting where anyone can get up and speak.

The time is intended to be used to witness to each other of the divinity of Christ and testify about various principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During my 49 years I have witnessed some crazy things during testimony meeting; fervant testimony of false doctrine, a local politician who was not even in our ward asking for votes, various people using the time to share inappropriate stories, travelogues, and a doctor of obstetrics trying to get patients etc, etc…

But I have never witnessed a mic being shut off.

Generally if someone testified about something weird a member of the Bishopric or another member of the ward would get up and testify about the same principle in the correct way and allow the members to decide for themselves who was speaking with the spirit and sharing the correct interpretation of doctrine.

This gentle form of correction was depicted in the video above as the gentleman who spoke after Hannah bore testimony of Heavenly Fathers love of all of his children. He literally embodied the charge of our first prophet Joseph Smith who taught, “I teach them correct principles, and let them govern themselves“.

The way the media spewed this story all over the world as if Hannah’s mic being shut off was equal to her being stoned to death or shoved off a high rise building for her same sex attraction is the interesting side of the story to me.

Hannah will STILL be welcome to attend her ward and participate as a gay member of the church.

And she will STILL be able to enjoy ALL of the blessings of the Gospel as long as she does not “act” on her same sex attraction.

If she decides to marry another woman that marriage will not take place in the Temple and she and her spouse will not achieve Celestial Glory and Exaltation

Gods house is a house of order.

The Laws and Ordinances of the Gospel regarding eternal marriage have been clearly delineated by The Lords chosen mouthpieces.

Jenny Hatch

More Commentary on this story below…


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