The Prince of Egypt Musical is coming to the STAGE!

Interview with my fav composer Stephen Schwartz Reveals What to Expect From The Prince of Egypt Musical

More HERE at the Schwartz Scene:

“Meanwhile, plans continue for the production of another stage adaptation of an animated musical movie, The Prince of Egypt. Our first production will be at Theatre Works in Palo Alto, California, this coming October. 

We are in the process now of beginning casting and the hiring of designers, choreographer, orchestrator, etc. The book for the show is by Philip LaZebnik, one of the original screenwriters and also my collaborator on the Hans Christian Andersen show we did in Denmark some years back. As with Hunchback of Notre Dame, the director is once again Scott Schwartz, who is not just my son but one of my favorite directors to work with. This production follows several developmental readings done over the past three years. All the songs from the movie are included in the show, in whole or in part, and there are around ten new songs. 

The Theatre Works presentation is a co-production with the Fredericia Teater in Denmark, where the Hunchback of Notre Dame production I mentioned above premiered. We will be going to Denmark with the show in April of 2018. It has been great to revisit this material again, so many years after the release of the movie, and I think we have been able to add new depth and nuance to the brother story at the heart of Prince of Egypt.”

The Prince of Egypt Musical for the stage is about to launch!

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