Musical Theatre Auditions 

After spending the past year working diligently on my voice while driving for Uber, I decided to audition for two companies that produce high quality musical theatre along the front range of Colorado.

My husband gave me his blessing to make this commitment even though it would have meant performing six shows a week for a couple months run.

I was so excited as I prepared. Most companies will carve out a space for an older character actor whose dancing days are over, but who can still add some sparkle to the cast with a strong voice and good comedic timing.

I quickly realized that the two companies I tried for also utilized their actors as food servers and looking at the stairs and many levels of both theatres, understood that despite my desires to participate, there was no way they were going to hire me based on my current state of disability.

Overall it was still a good experience to stand up and TRY! I bombed my first song at Candlelight and was very nervous at BDT Stage.

Since I normally do not suffer from stage fright, this was an unexpected and interesting development. I guess I was intimidated by all of the millennials who showed up to audition who were obvious triple threats. At least based on the kids I saw at my auditions, I had a good 20 years on all of them.

The directors could not have been kinder as I stepped on the stage and I will always be grateful for that.

Reality checks are ALWAYS a good thing when pursuing your dreams.

Musical Theatre is a young persons game, especially when you throw into the mix food delivery and a highly choreographed show.

I hope to try for a regular acting gig next, perhaps a non musical show or maybe a choir that is preparing music for the Christmas Season. It would be awesome to sing The Messiah this year after not being able to the past few years.

My lungs have been functioning so much better these past few weeks, I am really getting my hope back that I can sing at a much higher level in the coming years.

Here’s Hoping!

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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