Reading Dangerous! Will update this post as I go along… @JennyHatch #Milo

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Book Review by Jenny Hatch

Instead of typing Milo quotes I will take highlighted photos of favorite quotes with my phone (too lazy to type)!


From the Foreward titled: So, About That Whole Drama…

Milo was Red-Pilled by Ayn Rand too!

Three Days?

It took me five days to read The Fountainhead when I was in High School and two solid weeks to read Atlas Shrugged. 

And I read FAST!

From the Preamble titled: On Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness…

Common Core has taken critical thinking to a new level of dumb by destroying Math!

From the Prologue: The Art of the Troll…

My family has some evening 4th of July festivities planned, so I will come back to this tomorrow.
Takeaway after reading the three introductions?
This is going to be the all time best selling Conservative Activist book since Atlas Shrugged.
I observed my son Andy reading Atlas last week and asked him how things have changed for him this go round.
He read the book for the first time when he was in high school, then served a two year Mormon mission in Guatemala, and is now on summer break after completing one semester of university.
He said that Ayn just nails leftists in the most devastating way.
For this patriotic mormon mom blogger, I am about as proud observing my husband and children reading the great American Political literature and Freedom Based non fiction as I am watching them read their scriptures.
Jesus Christ is the AUTHOR of LIBERTY!
Amen and Amen
Jenny Hatch

Reddit Virtual Bookclub on Dangerous!

PS I participated in an Atlas Shrugged Virtual book club a few years ago. It was one of the most enjoyable threads I have ever participated in on the internet!

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