Reddit dude a racist plant? Doesn’t matter now, the great #MemeWar has already begun. #CNNBlackMail #CNNFakeNews

I have long believed that there was no point in attempting to remain anonymous on the web.

To that end I have always used my own name as my moniker in various forums trusting that if anyone attempted to mess with me or my family, the local police would have my back.

I learned years ago that this position was hopelessly naive simply because few law enforcement personnel understand the street fighting that makes up most internet  interactions, and the few times I reported various assaults to the police they treated me like a crazy.

I believe Bill Mitchell nailed the whole dynamic in his tweet above by outing the Reddit meme maker as a fake (I almost NEVER see racist content on The Donald and as soon as it rears it’s ugly head, the mods delete it). 

I am on Reddit every day reading the funniest political commentary on the web.

So, if the original meme maker is a fake, where does that leave the Great Meme War?

Well, as my Gandalf Meme in the header explains…

Here are a few more funny tweets and memes…

Jenny Hatch


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