Scott Adams on Sam Harris Podcast @JennyHatch

In my experience those who are loud Atheists are the most profoundly naive people on the planet.
I just finished listening to the whole two hours and I was surprised by the level of idiocy coming out of Sams mouth about the Clintons and Obamas.
So hopelessly clueless regarding the level of evil that happened during their presidencies.
I think Scott handled him well. Like a kind older brother attempting to comfort his seven year old sibling who had a nightmare.
I will not be giving Sam Harris two hours of my life ever again, but it was interesting to listen to Adams tutor him despite massive and heartbreaking cognitive dissonance.
Jenny Hatch

My comments at Sams Blog on this podcast:

After observing politics with creeping dread for these past thirty years, I can confirm what Scott claimed about those of us who have just experienced the best two political years of our lives.
Observing Trumps rise as he has crushed the deep

state money mongers and pedos has been the highlight of my life as a political gadfly.
Sam, as someone able to have honest, intelligent and rational conversations about difficult topics, I was somewhat disappointed by your unwillingness to be open to almost anything Scott said.
He made some very good and interesting points.
It really came across as though you Sam were stubbornly blinded by your dislike for trump.
Thanks for having these conversations and having people like Scott on but hope you can listen to this podcast and maybe have a further conversation on the same topic with a more open mind sometime down the line.
Still a fascinating and great podcast.
Thanks to Sam and Scott.
Jenny Hatch

This is quite silly when the man hasn’t even been one year in office and is failing at getting any significant legislation approved.
I hope that Trump eventually derails in such a spectacular fashion that you people stop to look at the mirror for once.

Reply from me:

Accomplished “nothing”?

I completely disagree.
Trump has rescinded a long list of Barack Obamas most egregious executive orders.

He has declared war on Human Trafficking and hundreds of pedophiles have been arrested, with many more to come.

As an activist who has worked for years to shine the light of day on how the whole operation of worldwide trafficking of children operates, Trump has done more in the past six months to stop the Kidnapping, trafficking, and destruction of children than all of us activists combined.

It will be pure joy to watch the pedophile side to the Clinton Foundation completely exposed in the coming months.

If Hillary was POTUS and John Podesta Secretary of State, the worldwide pedo rings would have been enabled to continue on and never held accountable for the most disgusting crimes against humanity.


Can you explain what/who you mean by “deep state money mongers and pedos” and what the Trump administration has done to crush them?
I think we had a cross post—can you point to news articles/references to indicate the vast increase in pedophilia charges?

My Reply

Video of Trump claiming we will END Human Trafficking:

Many worldwide Pedo rings have been arrested over the past six months.
Here are a few stories:

[ Edited: 23 July 2017 16:08 by JennyHatch]

That’s it Southern?
A Wikipedia entry on how fake Pizzagate is?
Talk about cognitive dissonance…
Check out my reports:
There is a whole lot of something for this to be dismissed as a nothing.

Click over to the thread if you want to read any additional commentary…

Jenny Hatch

PS F bomb alert on the podcast and you may have to join Sam Harris site to read the comments

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