the story

lil mama rising

it’s been three months now since he wriggled out of me; that squished little chicken has turned into a meaty lil thang!

we spent breakfast time today (his and ours) scrolling through pictures of pre- and post-baby … incredible, how so much changes in so little time. me, hair long, belly stretched to the max, lying on the couch in an i’m-preggo-and-massive-and-fairly-done-with-it agony. me again, days later, on that same couch, belly deflated, a tiny wrinkled pink nugget sleeping in the valley between my breasts.

what a beaut he is now.


i’d like to tell the story. the whole story. the true story. most people didn’t get the whole, true story. they got a slightly watered down, craftily edited version. the Cliff’s Notes; highlights, with the introduction and the conclusion snipped out. that was to save myself and my partner the hassle of fending off worry and fear. i’d heard…

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