Vocal Studio – Space available for two students this fall!

When my son Andrew was a junior in High School four years ago he auditioned for the Madrigals choir at school and made the cut!

His director told everyone to have a series of voice lessons during the summer so they could all be ready to roll in the fall.

I offered to teach Andy the lessons and put together an eight week curriculum that he finished like a boss.

This experience of teaching my own son planted a seed in my heart to begin a vocal studio in our home.

I used this same curriculum to teach the students I mentored at a private academy in Cedar City Utah.

And I used elements of my beliefs around music and singing to coach the Neil Simon Players during the year I was the Entertainment Director for the group. 

At some point I will construct a post on the “love game”. I believe this game and our dedication to it as a troupe was the foundational principle of the magical music we created.

I also taught private lessons to my friend Rebecca and helped her set up a web site to showcase her art and music. We did a trade. She provided professional hair styling for my daughters wedding in exchange for the 8 music lessons.

Since we relocated to Longmont Colorado in Jan of 2016 I have sung a few solos and worked with my son Ben on his music, but I have not yet expanded out into the community as a vocal coach.

I am hoping to find a few students this fall to kick off my Longmont Studio.

If you know anyone looking for a Musical Theatre Vocal Coach, please pass along my contact number!


Jenny Hatch

Andrew is about to head back to SUU for fall classes, so we had a jam session yesterday and he kindly allowed me to tape!

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