My comment at The Federalist – The Reality of #Charlottesville @JennyHatch

My comment:

The hate that seethes off anti right people is hilarious. For a crowd that prides and defines themselves as anti hate they sure have it in for anyone who points out the hypocrisies of the left.
The ONLY way to deal with the white bigots is to laugh at them. Heckle, mock, and shun the true racists, on both sides.
And Ben? You and I both know after Monticello, every identifying symbol of western society will be in their crosshairs for dismantlement.
The Constitution.
The Bill of rights. (Which suffered a deep wound on Saturday)
The Declaration of Independence.
It will be interesting to see if any of the ruling class can be bothered to stand up for free speech after this weekend.
Jenny Hatch

My only real takeaway from all of this material is to question whether or not we are going to have free speech in America.

Based on what we have witnessed since Saturday I believe we can safely say that if you are someone with victim status in America you can say and even do some egregious things with little societal censure but if you are a white male, buckle up, because it is going to be an interesting ride.

As the mother to three white sons, I pray that my boys will not forget the life lessons that Mama taught.

Jenny Hatch

PS I wonder how black america would respond to this statue being removed from society?

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