Art world tied to International Child Trafficking? #Swordfish #Pizzagate

Someone shared this on Reddit last night and I cut and pasted simply to archive another copy of it on the internet.

Jenny Hatch

Massive Paul Manafort Bombshell Incoming: Manafort witnessed Clinton/Soros/AIDS NGO human trafficking and biowarfare operation in Ukraine while working for Yanukovych (pizzagate)

submitted 32 minutes ago by swordfish69 

Manafort Lobbies for Victor Yanukovich, ousted Ukrainian Prime Minister in 2009

h (CNN)

That year, Swine Flu Breaks out weeks before the election in Ukraine and Russia – San Diego Tribune

That year, Israeli scientist claims that Swine flu was a biowarfare agent that was released in Ukraine, and gets summarily arrested in armed standoff en route to Israeli consulate with hundreds of officers swarming him with swat gear

Moshe did not send a threat to the White House. Rather, he communicated that he intended to go public with information he had regarding the flu vaccine that is being prepared by Baxter Labs, an Austrian company.The information is this: The vaccine is being manufactured in Ukraine. It is not a vaccine at all, but rather an engineered genetically mutated bio-weapon meant to cause sickness and death. Moshe informed the White House he intended to go public with this information. When he became aware that the FBI was about to detain him, he packed some belongings in his car and set out for the Israeli consulate, located in close proximity to the federal building where the standoff took place.

Damien Hirst with Baxter in his art –

Rather than this being another fake news conspiracy, Manafort and Yanukovych learn the truth. Swine Flu was just a front for a type of weapon that could travel beyond borders, and make money for a massive influx of pharmaceutical equipment and NGOs.

Meanwhile, five years before Euromaidan breaks out, Clinton Foundation begins preparation for the construction of dozens of Neonatalogy clinics in Ukraine alone, with USAID, Open Society and Rockefeller CIA present in all parts of the country. – ANTI-AIDS – Open Society

BUT it Turns out Bill Clinton Donated $3 Million value painting to neonatology and bone marrow centers.

Elton John ANTIAIDS Foundation, working for Hollywood, found an adoption agency and eventually set up White Helmets-like Battalion in Eastern Ukraine. 3000 Combat medics roaming the Ukrainian countryside. – Elton Adopting HIV+ Baby – Call to join medical battalion – ANTIAIDS

Look who goes to their galas – Event names include ‘An Enduring Vision, Winq, An Instinctive Eye’ – Rachel Chandler – see >

Logo –

Chris Cornell –

Bill and Hillary Clinton –

George Michael –

Logo of Life Ball –

Criticized before for medical fraud –

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian oligarch begins working closely with the contemporary art community to host massive art exhibits in Venice, Kyiv and Qatar.

Through art smuggling, the Ukrainian kids end up in the hands the global elite, most notably the Geffen entertainment network in Hollywood, where Chris Cornell, Chester et al. Bryan Singer make appearances. Steven Spielberg and Harvey Weinstein travel to Ukraine to film a movie with Victor Pinchuk, who coincidentally runs the shipments of contemporary art to Venice, where he meets frequently with major globalists and who is on the MOCA board.

“Spell Your Name” –

Linkin Park NGO ‘Cooking for Kumrose’ – Crowdrise –

So much more makes sense now: 40 AIDS researchers die on Malaysian Airlines Flight over Ukraine – > Remember how it seemed no one wanted to admit what the downing of the plane was all about?

ANTIAIDS are also closely connected by the MOCA network of Museums, and both obviously maintain star power. Victor Pinchuk, David Geffen, Heather Podesta, Jeffrey Soros all part on the board. This shows that Clinton Foundation and the rest of the NGOs are closely tied to the contemporary art world and avidly participate in it when providing aid to that country. The Same art that passed through Kyiv Museum ended up at MOCA Geffen.

Geffen was linked to pedophile ring with Marc-Collins Rector, Brock Pierce and Bryan Singer. – Hollywood Reporter – Disobedient media on Pedophilia Scandal


[–] Northern_Soul 17 points (+20|-3) 1,4 days ago (edited 1,4 days ago)

Lets see if we can make this top Coment…

PRESS RELEASE; Christchurch, New Zealand. Hell Pizza Slammed For Using Comdom To Promote “Lust Pizza.” –

PRESS RELEASE; Christchurch, New Zealand. Hell pizza chain is removing its billboards of Hitler saluting with a pizza slice after complaints from the Jewish community. –

PRESS RELEASE; On November 8, 2016. Secretary of State John Kerry was missing but secretly in Antartica. Kerry flew directly to Christchurch, New Zealand. On that very night a massive 7.0 + earthquake strike New Zealand with the epicenter being in Christchurch, New Zealand. –

“Christchurch” The Global Gates To Hell…

Evidence Of Mods Censoring Important Leads & Archive deleting Voat Threads. 200+ points…


[–] dawnofthesheep 8 points (+9|-1) 1,3 days ago 

Long time larper here. Made an account just for this!

Do people actually realize the significance behind the symptoms of ritualistic sodomy spoken of here?

Its batshit crazy, I know, but speaking from experience with an extensive medical background, Its truer than Killiary’s hit-list.

I know a New Zealand band, “Meet the Feebles” personally. That’s all I´m saying!! (shivers)


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[–] carmencita 1 points (+3|-2) 1,3 days ago 

Those puffy dark circle eyes broke my heart. They are why we are here every day.

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[–] kidavenger -1 points (+0|-1) 1,1 days ago 

Dark circles and puffy eyes can also be a sign of allergies, particularly milk allergies. I had them when I was a kid, and once I stopped drinking cows’ milk, they went away. They’re called “allergic shiners”.

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[–] Jem777 6 points (+6|-0) 1,3 days ago 

Yes this deserves its own thread @Northern_Soul. Can you create one with all of our information we added.:)

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[–] Northern_Soul 0 points (+1|-1) 1,2 days ago (edited 1,2 days ago)

Sorry Jem, I don’t think its possible.

I tried posting this related news story –

Posting time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 2:15:01 PM Your submission /v/pizzagate/2062930 has been deleted by: @Millennial_Falcon on 8/15/2017 2:18:26 PM

I barely got three minutes air time. Tavistock Falcon doesn’t like us treading in his own back yard. Its to close to home.

At least someone had the wits about them – @Silverlining

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[–] turkishmafia 3 points (+4|-1) 1,3 days ago 

This deserves its own thread. I get the feeling “Christchurch” is the key to bringing the whole corrupt system crumbling to its knees.

Do you mind if I share this information on my Youtube channel?

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[–] KekMate -1 points (+0|-1) 1,3 days ago 

@jem777 @madhatter67 @ANGB23 @srayzie @EsotericShade 911 Classroom Ritual SPELL to molech god of ultimate sacrifice

Tesla Death Ray 9/

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2 replies

[–] Northern_Soul -2 points (+0|-2) 1,2 days ago 

Thanks dude, of course not, fire away.

Whats your channel?

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[–] remedy4reality 2 points (+2|-0) 1,3 days ago 

Why would this shit be the top comment? It’s completely UNRELATED TO THE OP..

This account and its remora accounts are very likely DISINFO

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[–] Northern_Soul 0 points (+2|-2) 1,2 days ago (edited 1,2 days ago)

Opinions are like assholes, every ones got one.

Perhaps you can shred light on this then if I’m DISINFOOOO. (Very PG related and ticks every submission rule)

Posting time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 2:15:01 PM Your submission /v/pizzagate/2062930 has been deleted by: @Millennial_Falcon on 8/15/2017 2:18:26 PM

I couldn’t even manage 15 minutes of fame.

I guess I hit a nerve…

Truth must hurt when your poking around TAVISTOCKS back yard.


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[–] DarkMath 13 points (+13|-0) 1,5 days ago (edited 1,4 days ago)

“Manafort and Yanukovych learn the truth. Swine Flu was just a front for a type of weapon”

And now we learn yet another reason Killary & Co are so desperate. I guess when Killary said they’d all hang from nooses she really meant it.YouTube


deep breath


cleansing breath



EDIT 1: Ok it just hit me after I came down off of one of the most intense schadenfreude highs I’ve ever felt. Are we in for another “Swine Flu” Epidemic?

I hope the fuck not because I didn’t really think that Reign of Terror shit would happen in America but if these mother fuckers decide to pull another Swine Flu Epidemic like they did in Ukraine I’m fairly certain, no I’m 100% positive every member of the Council on Foreign Relations will be hunted down, disemboweled and their heads put on spikes.JPG And if any CFR members are reading this you need to call off the dogs immediately and throw in the towel. And I mean immediately. Do not pass Go.

There was only one class of victim during the Reign of Terror and you don’t want me to finish this sentence. If you were an Aristocrat or even a man of influence things were not good. Only the meek shall inherit the Earth. The thing was so fucking horrible they ended up killing the man who started it.JPG.

Holy fuck this is really bad. And I’m not being hyperbolic. This is really fucking bad.

Bee tee dubs FBI don’t worry about me, I’m just the guy who says this is really bad. I’m a Christian now. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just a European History major from Brown who did his final term paper on Fascism and Hitler’s REAL motivation for attacking Britain.

The problem is these dumbasses spent the past 30 years killing Christianity in America. And that could have a terrible cost for them. Just sayin’. Ever see the movie Seven?JPG. Great move bee tee dubs. Ironic



[–] EricKaliberhall 3 points (+3|-0) 1,4 days ago 

Yes, it’s time for public hangings à la Nürnberg. This is fucking sick.

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[–] LightlyToasted 1 points (+1|-0) 1,3 days ago 

First the public trial, wherein the public can learn the FACTS of our kakistocracy.

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[–] srayzie 2 points (+2|-0) 1,3 days ago 

I have seen people comment about you. Saying you have said horrible things and are a shill. I’ve never seen it and have always liked you and enjoy reading your comments. Now I see why you seem to have changed. You are a Christian now. 🙂 Awesome!

I’ve never seen Seven. I need to look into it.

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[–] DynamoDoesntLie 0 points (+2|-2) 1,3 days ago (edited 1,2 days ago)

Srazie! If its correct in what your saying and your a firm believer of the Almighty Heavenly Father.

Why cant you see who @Swordfish69 really is!

69 = 66

Last edit time: 4 hours ago on 8/15/2017 12:12

2+1 =3 2+1=3 = 33


The same applies to you @DarkMath (coughs).

What do you think @redditsuckz @Nothern_Soul @carmencita @Jem777 @ESOTERICshade @quantokitty?

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

Go Fish Right!!!

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[–] Dressage2 0 points (+0|-0) 1,3 days ago 

You sit on the edge of your seat in that movie.

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[–] Docta_pizza 1 points (+1|-0) 1,3 days ago 

Kind of aside form the topic of discussion, but what did your term paper argue was Hitler’s real reason for attacking Britain? You made me curious 🙂

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[–] DarkMath 2 points (+2|-0) 1,3 days ago 

Stay tuned…..

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[–] Dressage2 0 points (+0|-0) 1,3 days ago 

Yes, inquiring minds want to know. Lol

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[–] Godwillwin 0 points (+0|-0) 1,2 days ago 

Who’s bee tee dubs?

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[–] AngelTantrum 8 points (+8|-0) 1,4 days ago 

Several reports of plague infested fleas coming out of AZ! When we pulled out of the Paris Accord…Chelsea Clinton tweeted “Rising temperatures due to climate change are exposing bacteria and disease threats we thought were gone forever” I replied “So what your saying is that your family will be releasing the plague and will blame on Trump”


[–] srayzie 1 points (+1|-0) 1,3 days ago 

You actually said that? Perfect!

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[–] sunajAeon 0 points (+0|-0) 1,3 days ago 

The little C*

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[+] Are_we_sure -5 points 1,4 days ago (show)

[–] Arrvee 8 points (+8|-0) 1,5 days ago 

Possibly related: FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home


[–] Godwillwin 1 points (+1|-0) 1,2 days ago 

That’s what I’m thinking. That raid was about this stuff. Not the election.

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[–] swordfish69 [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 1,1 days ago 

Bingo, why do you think the press still need to prove his guilt even when he’s been raised.

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[–] carmencita -1 points (+0|-1) 1,4 days ago 

You may definitely on to something there.

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[–] KekMate -2 points (+0|-2) 1,3 days ago 

911 Classroom Ritual SPELL to molech god of ultimate sacrifice

Tesla Death Ray 9/

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[–] madhatter67 3 points (+3|-0) 1,4 days ago 

The whole Ukraine coup stank from start to finish, and pretty much red pilled me on just how fake even some news outlets I’d previously had some regard for were.

The entire MSM went into rabid Putin hate, completely ignored the atrocities being clearly commited by “our” side (at that point YouTube hadn’t really tightened it’s grip so a lot of citizen video went up showing what was going on….the Odessa Massacre was super fucked up) and anyone questioning that narrative was getting dismissed as Putinbots by what certainly appeared to be a brigade of paid shills. One thing I’d noticed was for a couple of years earlier Putin had been getting grief for his treatment of LBGT folk, which kind of set up the SJW’s for mass REEEEEEEEEing

Although there were some obvious motives (Gas, bear poking, and tightening the military cordon around Russia) ever since pizzagate broke, I’ve suspected that was a part of the deal too (Biden seemed to take a big interest in Ukraine, which is red flag!)


[–] Jem777 4 points (+4|-0) 1,4 days ago 

Joe Biden and his son sit on boards in Ukraine taking in tons of money as does Clinton Foundation and other Foreign Relations Senate Committee

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[–] madhatter67 2 points (+2|-0) 1,4 days ago 

Indeed….seeing Hunter Biden swan into his Gazprom directorship with unseemly haste wasn’t exactly subtle

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[–] sarrah 3 points (+3|-0) 1,4 days ago 



[–] Truthseeker3000 2 points (+2|-0) 1,2 days ago (edited 1,2 days ago)

Unbelievable. Yeah it’s really looking like the art world is the root of the child trafficking. Rockefeller has the patent to the latest man made virus and it’s been said AIDS was always another man made virus which they used to try to wipe out the gay population. I’m starting to really believe this now as the depravity is mind blowing. Peter Thiel using child blood to stay youthful as long as possible, as well as other “elites”, tells me they believe they are going to hell for doing despicable acts so they are trying to prolong life as long as possible until their little AI projects are completed whereby they believe they can transfer their souls and live forever. So fucked up. Swordfish, this post is nicely referenced and I recall the flight that went down over Ukraine and I think you are correct on your theory. What happened to the Ukrainian people is so sad, the women and children are huge for human trafficking (since the late 90s) as most are beautiful blonde hair blue eyed peoples. There was a photographer who did a book of photos of the youth of Ukraine I recall seeing this a while back and the photos were alarming, very sexualized youth in poor surroundings. Along the lines of Sally Mann’s pedo images she made of her own daughters and family. It’s hard to fathom how many people out there enjoy making money off of other people’s misery as referenced above on the swine flu and the pharmaceutical industry. I noticed that Denis Solvay of the Solvay pharmaceutical family giants had his castle, Mothers of Darkness, and name removed completely from social media and it was all over before if u try to look for it.


[–] Narcissism 0 points (+0|-0) 17 hours ago 

AIDS was developed for population control of blacks who are 13 times more likely to catch it. The reason it was stuck in the Hepatitis B vaccine one year latter in 1978 was because the Gay movement was becoming to millitant. So they assassinated Harvey Milk and released HIV at the same time – totally destroying what had been the Gay movement.

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[–] ESOTERICshade 2 points (+2|-0) 1,4 days ago (edited 1,4 days ago)

They already did a test run with their fake Bird Flu epidemic. That was not really a new exotic and deadly form of the flu. All they did was “accidentally” misidentify regular old flu and create bogus statistics. They sold a hell of a lot of vaccine though.

Bird flu was a real live test to see how the public and medical community will react if they start a real epidemic.


One Response to “Art world tied to International Child Trafficking? #Swordfish #Pizzagate”
  1. was the meeting between jr and putin concerning adoption laws really about how clinton was breaking those laws and smuggling children out of the ukraine? it looks to me, that putin has information or evidence of this.
    we must also look at how donald trump was a contributor to the clintons and the democratic party until bill clinton and his best friend, joe epstein hosted trump at epsteins ‘pedophile island’. after this holiday two developments started to take place. first, unfounded accusations of trump molesting children appeared in the news. second, donald trump started to sound like he was thinking about running for president.


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