Could you tell me who it is OK for me to hate, so I won’t get beat up? #LeftyQuandary #ProgressiveConfusion@JennyHatch

I feel for those naive but good hearted souls on the left standing up against the seeming hordes of Nazis who just overwhelmed our nation.

It has to be incredibly confusing for them.

When the speech codes change on a seemingly hourly basis and the narrative is constantly in flux, it has to be confusing to know who to disavow and who to hate.

I was surprised by the Presidents tweet after the Boston Free Speech event. Even he seems a bit confused, but perhaps he knows most of those who demo’d in Boston are being manipulated to hate.

Don’t you just love how the media focuses on that one time the right was willing to fight back in Charlottesville and not all the times the left was violent simply to silence political views and speakers they didn’t like?

There is also zero push back on who they label a nazi and by what measure.

This is because the media does the same thing with “racist” and Antifa is happy to up the ante.

How easy when you can just dismiss all dissent and all Trump voters as “nazi’s”. 

Antifa is decidedly communist.

The iconography, tactics, and violence is in keeping with Marxism. 

Good hearted activists on the left must ask themselves if they are comfortable being useful idiots and siding with and defending the haters who organize the demonstrations and shut down free speech.

This is the question of the hour for our society.

I know where I stand and who I worship, reverence, and love.

The issue for the progressives is how far are you willing to go to suppress the God ordained and endowed rights of all people to worship how, where, and what they may?

Good question.

Jenny Hatch

PS Eight years ago I embedded myself on a bus funded by somebody who wanted a load of Obamacare supporters at an Obama attended health care townhall in Grand Junction, Colorado.

I wanted to understand how the leftist activists operated.

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Religious Freedom

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Read the Everyday Feminism article HERE.  (Just in case you did not know it yet, according to this writer, YOU are the problem!)

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