More #Antifa violence in Berkeley California yesterday @JennyHatch

5 assaulted at Berkeley protests as black-clad #Antifa anarchists storm Conservative Rally.

“Sanctioned” by Police?

Jenny Hatch

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#Antifa Berkeley

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I feel sad for these children being arrested for violence. They are sadly being used as pawns in a deadly game. My guess is their Marxist Professors neglected to inform them of the potential loss of liberty, voting rights, economic consequences, and a rap sheet that will make it difficult to find employment, not to mention, guilt and shame for causing physical harm to fellow citizens, and eventually they will be awoken and realize they were yet another generation of useless idiots attempting to enslave the American People and deny all of us of our Constitutional Rights. They do belong in prison for committing crimes but some of the blame rests on those who teach, fund, and mentor them in street violence and political street theatre. I am glad the media is finally telling the truth about Antifa. Many, many peaceful Trump supporters have been attacked these past two years.

A post shared by Jenny Hatch (@jennyhatch68) on

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