Doxxed Emily Gillespie – Antifa thug arrested in San Francisco for assaulting the media – Commie useful idiots being arrested #GetToKnowAntifa

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I feel sad for these children being arrested for violence. They are sadly being used as pawns in a deadly game. My guess is their Marxist Professors neglected to inform them of the potential loss of liberty, voting rights, economic consequences, and a rap sheet that will make it difficult to find employment, not to mention, guilt and shame for causing physical harm to fellow citizens, and eventually they will be awoken and realize they were yet another generation of useless idiots attempting to enslave the American People and deny all of us of our Constitutional Rights. They do belong in prison for committing crimes but some of the blame rests on those who teach, fund, and mentor them in street violence and political street theatre. I am glad the media is finally telling the truth about Antifa. Many, many peaceful Trump supporters have been attacked these past two years.

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Note to Emily:

Dearest Emily,

You are a stooge, a pawn, a tool, and a useful idiot.

Please use your arrest as a teaching moment.


Antifa and others on the left are doxxing as many conservative activists as they can right now.

I just want to point out that years ago I doxxed myself by ALWAYS using my own name, address, phone number, and identifying Photographs on the web.

A Tea Party friend asked me in 2009 why I did this and I told him that my approach to political activism was the same stance that the founding fathers and their families took when they signed The Declaration of Independence.

I have been fully aware of the consequences of my choice to be public with my political views and have fully accepted all blowback as the outcome of this decision.

The thing about marxist thugs is that they are sneaky.

They love to lather themselves with peacenik symbols and talk in quiet deliberate tones to disguise the evil lurking below.

But they do not hesitate to attack political enemies when given a chance.

They also attack our children…

This was my face last summer:

Do not tell me that lefty activists are peaceful. I have found them to be dishonest, violent, and criminals.
I recorded this radio show with Barbara Hartwell three years ago and we discussed the patterns of attack that the left (particularly communists) use to dispense with political enemies.

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