Huma’s emails… possible references to #Pedogate activity and #Pizzagate type weird language @JennyHatch

From a Reddit Activist:

“Hello everybody! I have compiled all of the interesting findings from the FOIA Huma Abedin Email dump!Please upvote this and spread the knowledge! Some of it is really big!”

Odd phrasing in Hillary Clinton email..”Humpty Dumpty is back together again

Email shows Huma Abedin talking about “picking up the boys” then going to hotel

Possible proof of Hillary Clinton emailing Marina Abramovic

Rothschild, David Brock, Jimmy Fallon featured on odd list from Huma Abedin email

Possible pay for play talk & George Soros featured in Hillary Clinton email

Evelyn de Rothschild emailing Hillary Clinton Proof

Email showing Hillary Clinton planning to meet George Soros

Email shows Hillary Clinton meeting George Soros

Odd food related phrasing in Hillary Clinton Email


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