Mother! Movie review by Jenny Hatch

I saw the trailer for Mother! When I went to see the Glass Castle.

I don’t usually review movies without seeing them first but here is my take on things based on what I have read…

All of the pro pedo, sick degernerate movies and tv being unleashed now was DESIGNED to serve a Clinton Presidency.

These movies take years to create.
I believe this Mother movie was a psy op for all the crazy feminists who believe it is better to stay single and childless than take the current risk to have a family.

From what I read about the movie, this character, played by Jennifer just wanted to have a baby.
Then the gates of hell unleashed on her.
A Clinton Presidency was going to usher in licensing of children, rampant pedophilia with no one brought to justice, human trafficking on a scale never before seen on earth, forced sterilizations and abortions for anyone not deemed progressive enough to be a parent etc etc…
All of this has been a part of the global elites UN goals for the worlds children for decades.
Obamacare was supposed to make hospital childbirth so expensive that few could afford it, then single payer, and then, rationing of children.
Parenthood, the most amazing experience of mortality, reduced to a privilege that only a few would qualify for and be found worthy of being able to do.
So Jennifer’s sicko movie comes out and half her audience has already been red pilled and the other half are slowly coming out of the fog of cognitive dissonance.
Just think of this movie as the last dying gasp of a child sacrifice cult that is being exposed and brought to justice faster than anyone ever would have believed when Pizzagate broke on Nov. 4th.
I predict a whole generation of young adults brainwashed to be childless, sterile drones deciding they want to create a family.

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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