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Trump at UN: 
‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un ‘is on a suicide mission’.

Yesterday was the most fun day of President Trumps presidency.

The speech he gave at the United Nations has been needed since Kim Jong Un’s Father was in power.

It would have been good for the Clintons not to have given North Korea nuclear technology in the first place, but since this is where we are, I am so glad we have a POTUS who knows how to handle this situation.

Jenny Hatch

“A wave of shock rippled through Twitter and the media after President Trump called North Korean President Kim Jong Un a “Rocket Man” in his speech before the United Nations Tuesday.

…Kim Jong Un might be using missiles as his weapon of choice but when President Trump goes into battle, his weapon of choice seems to be ridicule – and a catchy nickname to make it stick.

Trump first debuted the nickname “Rocket Man” on Twitter over the weekend but pulled it out again at the United Nations on Tuesday, saying in his speech to the U.N. General Assembly.”


Donald Trump branded Kim Jong Un a “Rocket Man”. In 2006 we put his father, Kim Jong Il, on our cover.

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