Ode to Paul

So I have been really sick the past few weeks. The smoke from all the fires here in the west set me back and for a couple weeks I had to stay indoors with my air purifier, essential oils diffuser, and humidifier blaring just so I could breathe.

Then it rained and I felt like I could rejoin life, but something had shifted in my body and I am back to zero energy. Like nothing. Nada.

So I rest, quit my musical theatre teaching job, said no to a couple opportunities, and I did go to church the past two Sundays so I could direct our insta choir, but scooted home after Sacrament meeting both times.

Yeaterday was the worst of all. I was in bed all day.

I watched Paul, who is on call this week, get up with Benjamin at 5am to get him breakfast and take him to Seminary at 6. Then to work at 7. Then home at noon to eat lunch, which I did not make because I have these dizzy spells.

He picked up Ben at four after Soccer practice, home to make supper and did the dishes.

It was about this time of the day that the floodgates opened and I just wept because most days, even when I am sick and unable to Uber, I can still manage to do laundry and dishes and most of the cooking. Yesterday I made Oatmeal and put a load of wash in before I felt like I was going to pass out.

I killed our washing machine trying to launder Bens sleeping bag that he took on a scout campout up in the mountains over the weekend.

The washer was making screeching noises and smoking when Paul noticed it.

He carried the soaking wet bag out to the deck to drip dry and was so nice about me killing our expensive speed queen.

About 5pm I heard him helping Ben with his Math homework and then Jeff called and I heard them chatting about an upcoming trip.

Then he gathered us all together in our bedroom for Family Home Evening and Scriptures. Ben taught a great lesson and I continued to drip with guilt that I felt too wiped to do any chores.

I told him as much and he said to let it go. 

I also overdrew my checking account ordering yeast, salt, and olive oil on Amazon earlier this week. He just quietly canceled the order and told me to try again on Friday when we get paid.
It is such a cliche for mom bloggers to write posts to and about their husbands, but I can’t help it.

I love him so much it hurts.

He is nearly perfect in every way.

I am weeping as I type. 

These photos are my husband in action. Tying Allisons wedding dress bow, because he can ( mine are always crooked ).

He is my best friend, my rock of support, and the love of my life.

Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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