Bens epic FREE KICK at the Soccer Game tonight! Yes, I caught it on video! @JennyHatch

I told Paul my hope for the game was to capture Ben scoring a goal on my phone!

I did it!

I took about thirty clips of the game and when his team was awarded a free kick I put my camera on slo-mo and zoomed in.

The Soccer Mom Gods were smiling on me because the angle, the lighting, and the players on the field were all perfectly positioned to allow me to grab it!

This almost never happens.

I was so excited to attend the game today. Ben and his team played better than ever before.

I was able to get all glammed up in soccer mom cold weather fashion and it was just non stop winning for a couple hours.

Life really does not get much better than this!

Bens FREE KICK today at the Silver Creek game tied the game at 2 to 2!

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Jenny Hatch

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