My interview with Emilee Saldaya on The Free Birth Society Podcast @JennyHatch plus links to all of my childbirth books on Amazon

If you enjoyed listening to my Freebirth Mothering journey on this podcast you might enjoy reading my books, which go into much greater detail about how I healed from Post Partum Psychosis, weaned from Allopathic Birth and Psychiatry, and finally had a healing, amazing Lotus birth at home with just my husband Paul attending me.

All of my books were lovingly crafted with loads of photos and recipes. They are available on Kindle.

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Jenny Hatch

The three books written for Moms are A Mothers Journey, A Lotus Birth and My Dissertation on Motherhood. Elijah Birth was specifically written for Fathers who are reluctant to help their wives with a Freebirth.  All of the links are below!

We taped this interview months ago, so it was fun to get the note from Em today letting me know it was live!

Jenny Hatch

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